Abuse of Authority in the Workplace

jarrettWhat did you think of Jeff Jarrett?  Hot or Not?   Obviously he lost some appeal when WWE dressed him in strange ribbons that covered his swole body, but overall, I dug his wavy blond hair, goatee, and big hard biceps.

I gotta admit, there are several matches of his, including the one featured today, that really get my blood pumping.  He had sex appeal when he wanted to.  I guess some fans didn’t like him because he played kind of a D-Bag late in his career and maybe came off as a D-Bag even in real life.

hallJarrett’s opponent in this match recently uploaded to YouTube is Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon.  They sure didn’t try to cover up his body — that thick black man-furr being his greatest asset that I’m sure spiked the ratings.

Hall was past his prime and kind of a wreck at this point.  He doesn’t do much in today’s match actually.  But the scene where Jarrett locks him in the Sleeper Hold is what turned me on and inspired me to want to blog about it.





It’s pretty clear what drew the audience to Hall — what kept them excited and cheering for him, craving to set eyes on him even after he was fairly immobile in the ring.

All he had to do was display that sexy chest hair and he had us swooning.  It was  very rare for a wrestler to grow his body hair like this (it still is) and show it off so blatantly, probably because nobody could compare to this macho fucker.


In the early moments, Big Scott Hall is presented as a super-human Beast, a taller, stronger, more testosterone-pumped specimen than his smooth, blond opponent.  This sets up the whole narrative of the match:  how will Jarrett out-smart or somehow over-power this macho monster?  Which we know will be with the Sleeper.

Here Hall caught Jarrett in mid-air to parade him around the ring for a while, controlling him with a handful of ass before whipping him backward across the ring.




Jarrett loved to apply Sleepers, which I think is the main reason I crushed on him.   We NEEDED more Sleeperholds in the 1990’s and Jarrett was one of the last guys still using them.

Jarrett was a Big Wig in the NWA TNA Federation — I think he and his daddy founded the company.  If you wanted work in his company, you better know you had to submit to the boss’s unbreakable Sleeper.  I think it was in the contract.  Hell, if I owned a wrestling company, I’d put that clause in the contract.


So Jarrett jumps on Hall’s back like he’s some kind of hairy beast of burden and rides him around the ring for a while.

I think Jarrett enjoyed Sleepers so much because of his big, swole biceps.  I recall when I was pumping iron regularly and had some bulging biceps, I craved the feeling of gripping and flexing with my arms too.


Here is Jarrett in a different match, wearing his odd ribbon costume and demonstrating his Figure 4 Leglock.

He can’t resist flexing up that baseball-sized bicep, demonstrating his masculine strength (as his gorgeous golden locks spill over his shoulders.)   Jarrett is clearly into bicep strength, eager to press the baseball against a Sleeper Victim’s carotid.


03goinglimpAnyway,  back to the utter emasculation of big hairy Hall.  Check out his ragdoll routine, his arm falling limp at his side in contrast to his boss’s ever-flexing arm strength.   That is beautiful — one of the most manly looking Alpha Males in wrestling history is totally drained of his power, made soft and drowsy.

I believe Hall needed money at this point in his career, so he had to play the bossman’s Sleeper Toy in public, which is kind of arousing if you think about it.  What other kinky games did Jarrett make him play just to earn a few bucks and continue his career?


04nowhere05outI’m going to end the story here, as if Jarrett turned Hall into a bearskin rug with that Sleeper that he could lie upon any time he wanted.  You can go watch the video if you want to see what really happened next — it’s not this exciting.

This video was posted to encourage us to subscribe to TNA’s online streaming website, Global Wrestling Network.  It’s like $7 or $8 per month, and after this demonstration, I am very tempted.  If you start seeing more and more TNA action featured on this blog, you’ll know that this little tease worked it’s magic on me — I can hardly resist!




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4 Responses to Abuse of Authority in the Workplace

  1. Dino says:

    Oh yeah. Scott Hall has a great hairy chest. His hairy pec valley is so deep you could lick it for hours and then start all over again. His nips look like they are hard wired as well. Just one hot looking set of pecs period.

  2. Cruiser Weight Lover says:

    Always been more a fan of Alex Wright, Chris Jericho, Billy Kidman (early days), Yun, and Shiima for WCW but that’s just me.

  3. battle-porn says:

    Even though the flamboyant persona is more colorful, my dick prefer goateed Jerrett. And I love watching hot guys being put to sleep. That’ why I love Samoa Joe so much. He has choked out many muscle boys.

  4. Mark Singleton says:

    All Scott Hall had to do was show that furry chest and I’d be hard as a rock. I always liked to get off to the long slow holds and him in a sleeper hold would have pushed me right over the edge…in fact it still does and just did.