When the Jobbers Wear White

01Arn-tullyArn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were one of the best Tag Teams ever to put on a pair of matching red trunks.  What a pleasure to watch these beefy Real Men own their jobber opponents!

This classic squash recently posted to YouTube features Arn & Tully destroying two pretty-boys in whitie tighties — Tommy Angel and Cougar Jay.


Angel sells the fuck out of the Partner Knee Spike.

Angel sells the fuck out of the Partner Knee Spike.

I was a sucker for white trunks and boots — and these two jobbers are so wonderfully submissive.  Even the name “Tommy Angel” sounds weak and submissive.

The name “Cougar” on the other hand sounds fierce and savage.  But we soon learn that Cougar Jay is actually a declawed pussy cat in the ring.



I could watch the White Team trade places in the ring all day long.

I could watch the White Team crawl through the ropes all day long.

When Cougar Jay tags in, the stiff two-on-one beating really begins.  Cougar is even wimpier than Tommy Angel — forced to play the Jobber-in-Peril, a jobber among jobbers.

We get some nice close-up glimpses of those white spandexed asses as the whipping boys trade places in the ring.

Oh no -- they just broke Cougar Jay!

Oh no — they just broke Cougar Jay!


Cougar never really had a chance.

Cougar’s white gear matches nicely with his platinum blond jobber hair.  I suppose I dig white trunks because they’re so bright, bulge- revealing and visually arresting.

White gear also gives the smooth-chested jobbers an aura of purity, innocence, and youth.  This makes them seem even more vulnerable, and their suffering even more erotic.

Arn punishes Cougar's back -- and/or his nuts.

Arn punishes Cougar’s back — and/or his nuts.

Check out this beautiful ass-grabbing Body-Slam by Arn Anderson.  I zoomed in here for a closer look at Cougar’s white trunks (with Arn gripping and stretching them) but if you watch the video, it really is a well-done Body-Slam.


Can Cougar's trunks handle more stretching?/

Can Cougar’s trunks handle more stretching?/

Tully finishes off his jobber with this Slingshot Suplex off the ropes.  Usually this is not a Killer Finishing Hold.

The fact that Cougar Jay is beaten by this move further demonstrates his weakness and vulnerability.  Which makes me want to wrestle him.  Which I suppose is the whole point of jobber squash matches.


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7 Responses to When the Jobbers Wear White

  1. Mark says:

    White trunks always look great in the ring….enhances the bulge and can be quite revealing; best worn with no liners underneath and…..shave the crotch area too..
    views of pubic hair was sometimes frowned upon in UK TV wrestling way back in the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. RayAtL says:

    It was always a great night for NWA when Tommy Angel was jobbing … I looked for him every week for years!

  3. Rookie Jobber says:

    The slingshot suplex….scared me as a child because Tully was so mean and enjoyed hurting jobbers and pulling their trunks. It intimidated me. Only as I got older did I start to realize, uh, why was it a finisher? Did it hurt the jobbers’ legs? Agh, I can’t handle bouncing off them! It’s too much! A vertical suplex dropped the jobbers from a higher distance yet that’s never a finisher. And yet…if I had been in the ring with Tully in my skimpy trunks and had been slingshotted, I, too, would have submissively taken the 1-2-3 count.

  4. born2besquashed says:

    Cougar Jay comes pretty close to jobber perfection in my book. That mane of hair just begging to be yanked on, sexy upper body, watching him take the punishment gave me an instant boner. I just wish the beating would have gone on for at least another minute or two. For me, the perfect jobber should also wear wrist tape and white knee pads to match the trunks and boots like Al Phillips and Kenny Kendall sometimes did. Thanks for posting, Cougar Jay is instantly inducted into my jobber hall of shame!!!!

  5. Indy Fan says:

    i just love a jobber in white which means innocent angel.

  6. Big D says:

    I’ve actually been looking for some shiny white trunks. Not extremely easy to find. This melanated stud would look pretty good i think.

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Big D.
    I know what you mean – white trunks are sometimes difficult to find.
    However, white lycra knickers/underwear can be a good alternative and, if you’re wary of the “thinner” type material, (especially if you’re “unshaven”) two pairs, or a flesh coloured pair of liners may suffice.