Keeping Pro Wrestling Queer

01stretchThis match from XWA Wrestling, recently posted to YouTube, plays on the classic pro wrestling theme of Straight Wrestler vs Queer Wrestler.  Fans have been enjoying the sexual tension in matches like this since Gorgeous George began prancing around like a sissy in 1941.

First we are presented with Simon Grimm, a traditional, hetero, no-nonsense brawler with beefy frame, big stretchy blue trunks, and handle-bar moustache straight out of the 1800’s.

He will take a beating from a flaming queer named Cara Noir.


01caraFollowing his flamboyant and swishy entrance, complete with black angel wings, Cara Noir strips down to his panty-hose worn over a sexy thong.

His flamboyance and sissified antics will just add to Simon Grimm’s humiliation — after all, no Real Man wants to lose to a prancing Nancy-boy like this (at least not in public.)

I must say, this Cara Noir is jacked, with a rock-hard body and sculpted abs.  He might make an entertaining Baby-Face if they would wipe off that face paint and have him suffer in agony every time he gets in the ring.


Did he just kiss the dude's nipple??

Did he just kiss the dude’s nipple??

Following some fancy grappling by Grimm to establish his Alpha Male excellence, Cara Noir begins the queer baiting.  Here they snuggle in the corner of the ring like passionate lovers.  The audience is aroused.


You're supposed to FIGHT, not make out!

You’re supposed to FIGHT, not make out!

The match is played for comedy, as if gay dudes are laughable.  This is how male sexuality is usually treated.  I suppose feelings of Gay Panic can be averted if the audience can laugh at the homo-erotic antics.  (They will just jack off to memories of the match when they get home.)



Noir’s patented Lip Lock weakens his victim.

The story behind the match is that the sissy is taking advantage of Grimm by sexually teasing him.  Every time Grimm tries to fight like a man, the queer just distracts him, and we get the sense that Grimm maybe enjoys it — that he’d maybe rather fuck than fight?


How does his ball sweat taste?

How does his ball sweat taste?

Cara Noir jams his opponent’s head into the front of his panty-hose.  Grimm then hoists Noir up over his head, walking around with his face smothered in the stretchy fabric.  Everybody laughs and kind of feels turned on.  Noir then spikes the crotch-sniffing loser on his head to defeat him.

04winnerUsually the homo wrestler is defeated to cancel his sexual threat and relieve the audience’s feelings of Gay Panic.

But in this case, Cara Noir is able to defeat his straight, and presumably stronger, opponent.  This victory pose really degrades the Real Man who is shown to be weak and submissive to the queer victor.  This leaves me wondering if we are supposed to laugh at this silly match, or get all turned on.  I suppose both reactions work.



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4 Responses to Keeping Pro Wrestling Queer

  1. Dr.Fever says:

    I thought Tommy Purrs matches against Adrian Matthews was sexual, but this is even better!!
    ..can someone please set up a handicap match Matthews vs Purr & Noir.

  2. Bob M says:

    The match is great. But, the ass shots of Cara Noir are amazing. I needed a cigarette at the 12:41 mark and slightly beyond…and I don’t even smoke! Noir is HOT!

  3. Indy Fan says:

    this match is great. so awesome. love the spiderman kiss and the fans just eat it up. maybe this tells us wrestling is heading in a great direction.

  4. jimwest says:

    Awesome to see a “queer” rassler with such a ripped body, and he triumphs! Appreciated the leaner, muscular Noir contrasted with the beefier Grimm — both men excellent.