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HotAF1I was craving some good old-fashioned Tag Team wrestling a few days ago and I stumbled upon these hot guys in a really good video on YouTube.  They call themselves “Already Famous” (although I’ve never heard of them) and they wear matching white trunks and vests to the ring.


Gibson keeps his partner's long hair looking fly.

Gibson keeps his partner’s long hair looking fly.

Clements follows in the tradition of pro wrestlers who grow long flowing hair which they can whip and toss about dramatically while implementing their moves.  His partner makes a big fuss over that pretty hair, taking the time to straighten those flowing locks while their opponents known as “Star Talent” are forced to wait.

FamousStars1FamousStars4Wow that’s a good look for Clements as he eyes his opponent across the ring.  His long mane drapes over his shoulder, spilling down to brush his nipple.

Even as a kid, I always felt the long-haired wrestlers were gender-bending, trying to look like girls.  And when they suffered, their feminine look made me even more excited for some reason.


FamousStars5They start the match with a series of back-and-forth Arm Wringers, with lots of great close-ups (the camera work is fantastic) and tortured expressions of suffering. “Ahhh, he’s breakin’ my ARM!”

I find these long armlocks at the beginning of a wrestling match are a great opportunity to check out the tight trunks and tight bodies on the athletes.  Maybe this is why many wrestling matches begin with a slow-paced series of basic holds — a bit of foreplay to get the viewers in the mood.

Toby squirms and struggles, letting us know how badly it hurts.

Toby squirms and struggles, letting us know how badly it hurts.

Check out Toby Clements selling that Arm-Bar, kicking his legs around, shouting in pain.  And those white trunks are just perfect.

I have a fetish for white trunks ever since the Can-Am Connection wore all white gear and looked fantastic in it. It’s such a clean, heroic look and white trunks remind me of underwear.


Check out the partners' reactions to this painful Splash.

Check out the partners’ reactions to this painful Splash.

The other member of Already Famous — Scott Gibson — enters the ring and takes a nice long beating from the eager, talented Baby-Faces.

Switching to the fixed camera in the back of the arena, we get to check out Clements’ tighty-whities as he watches his partner take a beating.


What a beautiful Body-Slam

To do a Body-Slam correctly, you’re just going to have to grope him.

Toby Clements may have the prettier hair on his Tag Team, but Scott Gibson has the buffer body and skimpier trunks.  Here he suffers an ass-grabbing Body-Slam from the blond Baby-Face, Jack Starz.

FamousStars10FamousStars9The good boys, Starz and Tyler, dominate the first half of the match.  But they are Baby-Faces so their suffering is inevitable.

Already Famous eventually trap Chris Tyler in their corner and work him over Tag Team style.

FamousStars11FamousStars12This was a pretty hot torture scene — Toby Clements using that long hair as a weapon by choking Tyler with it.  It seems so bitchy and devious, to have such long hair and then to wrap it around your victim’s throat.


It's so unfair when one holds him so the other one can punch him!

It’s so unfair when one holds him so the other one can punch him!

This is just the Tag Team fix I’ve been jones-ing for.  Plenty of dickhead cheating, the bullies working together to harm the cute boy.  I’ve seen these same gimmicks and exhibitions a million times, but I always want to see more of it.  Thankfully YouTube is an endless supply of my drug of choice — sexy, brutal pro wrestling performed by stunningly attractive dudes.


Gibson is a talented, entertaining Heel, strutting across the ring to trash-talk his victim’s partner just to get inside his head (which gets inside my head.)  Later he casually steps on his victim’s belly, the ultimate disrespect and degradation.  I need to see more of this dude playing the arrogant bastard.


He did a fantastic job, he deserves a big hug.

He did a fantastic job, he deserves a big hug.

Spoiler alert:  I actually thought Already Famous would win the match because they seem to be the flashier, more established team with the better gear.  But the Purple Team — Star Talent — were actually the victors.  I enjoyed this celebratory Bro Hug between the winners, getting chest to chest as they show each other some love.

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  1. Indy Fan says:

    it is so rare to see four hot guys looking great in skimpy tights…. these four guys fit the profile… plus found a couple of more wrestlers for me to stalk thank you so much. to the best blogger on the net.