Raunchy Retro Vibe

walters1On 9/26/17, the “He Is Out!” blog posted some excellent images featuring this baby-face in action: Steven Walters. As always, He Is Out! captured a bunch of stunning and titillating animations as you’ll see below.

Back in March 2012, Walters battled the meanest, most sadistic Heel in the Resistance Pro federation — the Almighty Sheik.  They perform this match with a sleazy, brutal, old-timey vibe, calling up memories of the violent, bloody style of rasslin’ that was popular in the 1970s.

Resistance Pro recently posted a high-quality video of the epic 2012 “Falls Count Anywhere” match on their YouTube channel which inspired He Is Out! to create his 9/27 article.  An older, blurrier video of the same match had been posted to a different YouTube channel back in 2012.


In this match, it’s actually legal to Suplex a dude on the floor.

I am late to the Steven Walters party.  Several of my fellow wrestling bloggers have already written about this hot match, including Beefcakes of Wrestling in his April 2012 article and Ringside at Skull Island in June 2012.  Some of these images are from their sites.

walters2Steven Walters is the walking stereo-type of the handsome baby-face with his boyish good looks and buff, healthy physique.  He even wears a fucking Smiley Face on his crotch as if his dick is telling us to have a nice day.

He is the sort of shirtless, heroic baby-face I grew up cheering for, lusting after, and watching in endless agony, writhing around in and out of the ring as all the villains harmed him.  He reminds me of a young Jim Brunzell, Rick Martel, or Tony Garea.  His vulnerable Good-Guy-ness is part of the reason this match reminds me of classic wrestling from 40+ years ago.  They just don’t make baby-faces like this any more!

Walters is thwarted by a spike to the face.

Walters is thwarted by a spike to the face.

But the biggest reason this match pushes my buttons is Almighty Sheik.  Oh fuck yes, he is an awesome Old School Heel, a throwback to the days when Sheiks were evil fuckers.  Here he pulls a muthafucken SPIKE out of his boot and jabs it into Walters’ CUTE FACE!

walters4He is relentless with that spike, just pounding it into poor Steven’s face to bloody him up.

Maybe it’s because I grew up on this brutal style of wrestling, where crazy foreign beasts would torture our handsome, innocent American boys, but damn, this is working for me.  Hit him again with that spike, you sadistic animal!

sheikBiterSpeaking of sadistic animals, here is an image of the Original Sheik in action.  The Heel who is torturing Steven Walters in today’s article is modeled after this villain, the prototype of the crazy Arabian freak.

walters3sheikBootThe Almighty Sheik further evokes that retro 1970’s feel by wearing traditional Sheik-style boots with the curled up toes.  The sharp points make the boots seem dangerous, like weapons.  Now I’m thinking the erect toes also have a chubby phallic look, as if the Sheik’s boots are getting turned on by the pain they’re inflicting.


The Sheik has free reign to do whatever he wants to his victim.

The Sheik has free reign to do whatever he wants to his victim.

Here is another great moment of torture captured beautifully by He Is Out!  After positioning two chairs out on the floor, Sheiky bends his victim backwards and drops his upper vertebrae down onto the metal!  The ref just stands and watches so I guess it’s legal!

walters6cruelThe spike is used to defile the heroic American wrestler — gouging into his eyes, penetrating his flesh, causing his blood to gush.  It’s so raunchy and gratuitous.  It feels sexual, like a rape scene, when the villain forcibly inserts his tool into the victim’s mouth.

I’m sure I did not grasp the implications of phallic symbols or simulated rape scenes as a lad when I first watched the Sheik torture his victims in this manner, but I knew I couldn’t peel my eyes of the TV screen.  I knew the violent scenes playing out in the ring were causing all sorts of feelings in my brain and I wanted to see more of it.

Walters is made to look like a jobber

Sheiky seems to enjoy sticking it in Walters’ mouth.


I haven't seen a Camel Clutch this devastating since the 1970's.

I haven’t seen a Camel Clutch this devastating since the 1970’s.

Then we are treated to that unbeatable Spine Buster that every Sheik has employed since the Original Sheik — the Camel Clutch!  Look at him pour on the pressure, leaning back and nodding his head for more leverage.  Poor Walters is made to tap out!


Don't you dare kiss his boot! Have some pride!

Don’t you dare kiss his boot! Have some pride!

And then things get really kinky in a retro wrestling way.  The Sheik orders the beaten man to kiss his boot!  Right on the curled up part that resembles a chubby!

THIS MOMENT is why I decided to swipe these animations from He Is Out! and blog about this match even though it’s from 5 years ago and everybody has already discussed it.  It is so sexually suggestive — it reeks of S & M.  The dominant Arab invader orders his defeated opponent (who happens to be gorgeous) to degrade himself and kiss that nasty boot!  Of course Walters will not submit to this twisted freak, right?  What kind of man would obey orders like a dog and willingly humiliate himself in public?!

You are officially a disgrace to your entire nation.

You are officially a disgrace to your entire nation.

The boot is fetishized by Walters’ kiss, an object of power that must be respected, the symbol of his submission.  The defeated man’s lips press the tip of the toe — if it were a cock, that would be the sweet spot.

This is how wrestling was in the old days: hot guys being mind-fucked and degraded like this, out-smarted and tortured by the clever Heels, their humiliation inspiring all sorts of dirty thoughts in the minds of the viewers.  These sort of raunchy, inappropriate acts are what made me love wrestling.  Bravo, Resistance Pro Wrestling!

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3 Responses to Raunchy Retro Vibe

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    Nothing better than a big arab man beating down the helpless white chump!!!

  2. Alex Miller says:

    Awesome! I loved this match so much I ordered it from RPW. It was definitely worth it.

  3. Submitman says:

    More camel clutch match pls