Dirty Wrestling Heels

maskedPunisherI follow a Tumblr site called “Cute Jobbers vs. Dirty Wrestling Heels” and it’s right up my alley.  The name pretty much explains what sort of images you will find there.  The page’s sub-title provides more explanation of the content if you really need it:

Lover of twinks, chavs, and fat heels with aggression and satanic torture on jobbers in the ring!

Anyway, this CJVDWH Tumblr site will often have no uploads for several weeks, then BOOM! — my Tumblr feed will explode with dozens of great boner-stirring rasslin’ photos posted in a day.  July 22nd- 24th were Mother-Lodes of hot wrestle-porn photos — here are a few of my favorites….

targetedHeetAtPlayAs you can see from the above collage, the owner of CJVDWH prefers his jobbers to be young and lean, utterly vulnerable and out-matched.  His ideal scene would be a couple of skinny, weak high school grads suffering at the hands of the Road Warriors.

I don’t think the page’s owner cares too much about what gear they’re wearing — as long as the jobber is weak and in pain, or clearly doomed, it makes the grade.

I, however, am a gear snob.  I always geek out over what they’re wearing and react accordingly.  And I really dig these blue tights on this tortured soul, with the white star and moon patterns down his legs.

bullropehurtHimThe CJVDWH blogger wrote the captions you see in these images.  I just copied his comments into each image like I always do.

I appreciate Tumblr posts where the author bothers to write a comment or description.  It helps us get inside his head.  We can imagine his excitement and gain insight into what he loved about the scene.  It builds a “Me Too” connection between the viewer (us) and the author, a shared experience.   The CJVDWH blogger usually only writes a word or three, but it’s enough to set the tone and to signal his excitement level as he gazes at these photos, and that’s a turn-on for me.

chainedteamworkAnd before you start asking, no I don’t know the identities of these wrestlers.  You can post the question in my Comments section and maybe one of my loyal readers can identify the guy, or you could ask the CJVDWH blogger via his Tumblr page.

I don’t know how he does it, but he always finds hundreds of rare images of wrestling studs that align with his fetishes, and often I’ve never seen nor heard of the guys.  It tells me there is a LOT more hot Indy wrestling going on out in the world than I even know about or can keep up with.

I mean, how many guys would you guess have worked as pro wrestlers in the world?  Over 10,000?  When I visit this Tumblr site, I’m thinking it’s more like 100,000 and that’s overwhelming and exciting to think about.  How many men walking the streets, riding the bus with you, or behind the counter at the coffee shop or bar, might have their old used trunks stashed in their sock drawer, or their trusty scuffed up boots in the back of their closet?


On Sunday, I will post some more of the Suffering images posted to this fantastic CJVDWH Tumblr site.



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3 Responses to Dirty Wrestling Heels

  1. Tom says:

    My question whenever I see these posts from CJVDWH is, where are these screenshots taken from? Where is the source video? Certainly NOT on youtube!

  2. Mark says:

    Love the sado wrestler site as much as this one and it is frustrating to think “I’d love that match on video, who are they!?” Seems a lot of the material is from the U.K. where they must love the impossibly brutish heavyweight – twink slaughters.

  3. ripped.up says:

    i have the same love and hope that Tom and Mark do. great site but you don’t get a name for some of the fighters.