Zero Remorse, 2 of 2

TM61Hurt10This gallery continues yesterday’s story about the Revival’s recent domination of the Australian team known as TM-61, which took place in Australia, in front of TM-61’s outraged fans.

The bad boys in their little gray trunks isolate Shane, injure his knee, and have their way.

The patented Shatter Machine wrecks poor Shane.

The patented Shatter Machine wrecks poor Shane.

In interviews, the Revival talk like classic Heels, mentioning how they injure their opponents or end careers to get ahead.  This is a riff on the old Ruthless Heel gimmick, the brutal attitude that sends tingles through my brain when I hear dangerous villains threaten my heroes.

TM61Hurt8For example, here is a quote from a recent Revival interview on

We’re in the ring to do one thing: get the winners’ part of the money. If it means ripping Big Cass’ MCL or tearing Aiden English’s knee to feed our bank accounts, that’s OK with us.  Zero remorse.”  

Yeah.  Talk dirty to me.


It's unfair but I sure love it.

It’s unfair but I sure love it.

Nick Miller is usually the Rescuer for his team, rushing in to save poor, helpless Shane Thorne and destroy their enemies.

But in this match, Nick is shown to be ineffective against the big bad wolves, who work together to pummel him.


Even Nick Miller can’t survive the Spine Buster!

Dash Wilder dusts off an old Arn Anderson maneuver – the dreaded Belly-to-Belly Spine Buster.  Talk about a “revival.”

Actually Dash resembles Arn with that thick, manly build, so it’s no wonder he is reviving this classic Arn move.

Now it's Nick's turn to be Shattered!

Now it’s Nick’s turn to be Shattered!

Every good Tag Team needs some bad foes to persecute and punish them, and the Revival are the perfect foils for TM-61.  Both these teams fit their respective molds so well, and use such sweet moves, it’s just a pleasure to watch Tag Team matches on the WWE Network these days.

Another classic Two on One killer that I miss seeing.

Another classic Two on One killer that I miss seeing.

Nick Miller somehow rolled up one of the Revival guys and won the match.  The alpha males are furious about their loss.

So the Revival attach the Australian pretty-boys — determined to injure poor Shane Thorne and end his career!

Guaranteed to snap the knee!

Guaranteed to snap the knee!

To finish him off, they employ their devastating Knee Cracker. Dawson ties Shane’s legs in a knot, then Dash sails off the top rope with a Flying Stomp.

SNAP!  There goes Shane Thorne’s career.  What utter heartless brutality by these evil brutes!

TM61Hurt13How do these rough killers get away with vicious tactics like this — deliberately injuring men after the matches are over?!  This is just like the raunchy, brutal pro wrestling I witnessed in the 1970’s and 80’s (damn, I miss those days but it’s great to see a revival.)

Poor Shane, nearly in tears, is helped to the locker room — one of my favorites has been humbled, hurt, and knocked out of commission thanks to those cheating bastards!

They’ve harmed other wrestlers this same way and show zero remorse!  There is something compelling about heartless Heels like the Revival, especially when they cross paths with really handsome guys like TM-61.


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3 Responses to Zero Remorse, 2 of 2

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Awesome. I don’t know if you ever follow these guys on social, but Dash was hilarious after this. He tweeted to Shane:

    Dash: “With your free time, can you go vote for us, @ShaneThorneWWE? #NXTTagTeamOfTheYear #TheRevival #NXTMatchOfTheYear #DIYvsRevival”

    So heel. Then some mark replies, “He has a family Dash”

    Dash: “They can vote for us too”

    Love me some Dash.

  2. gregorian375 says:

    The cock-stiffening brutality of this match reminds me of when Shane got the jizz beaten out of him by Bobby Marshall in Australia almost a decade ago:

  3. eli says:

    Love when studs get the jizz beat out of them