Zero Remorse, Part 1 of 2

TM61Hurt12This image of the spectacular power couple known as the Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) was actually taken after their epic destruction of my beloved TM-61 team.  This great match appeared on the 1/18/17 episode of WWE NXT.

Check out these rough red-necks looking cocky and hard after harming their cute young opponents.  It’s plain to see that these heartless brutes feel zero remorse, which is a classic trait for the hard-ass Heel wrestlers.


After that cruelty, Nick will be unable to assist his bro.

After that cruelty, Nick will be unable to assist his bro.

But first let us rewind about 8 minutes to when Revival started wreaking havoc on their cute Australian opponents.

The stronger member of Team TM-61 — Nick Miller — is bashed against the ringside steps to take him out of the equation.

The Heels target Shane's injured knee.

The Heels target Shane’s injured knee.

Now alone against both villains, Shane is defenseless when they clip his knee out.

Perhaps the Heels could see the white tape wrapped around Shane’s left knee, a sign of potential weakness that they’re sure to take advantage of.


Like a hungry jackal that found an injured goat.

He won’t be so cute after that Jack-Hammering.

I’ve written several times about how much I dig the Revival — especially uber-masculine Scott Dawson who is thumping my beloved Shane in the face in this animation.  They are a “revival” of the classic Heel Teams like the Brainbusters or Minnesota Wrecking Crew.  I miss seeing that sort of raw, manly bad-ass in the ring.



One Revival could kick Shane's ass, let alone two.

One Revival could kick Shane’s ass, let alone two.

Shane Thorne sells beautifully as always, his moppy hair now getting long enough to spill around his shoulders and to be pulled and yanked.

Here Shane lays helpless on his back, willingly offering his exposed chest to a Two on One assault.

TM61Hurt9TM61Hurt5And have you noticed the revealing gray Look-At-My-Dick trunks that Dash and Dawson wore for this match?!  Oh you sleazy bad boys, I love that look.  The Revival dudes always wear the most amazing matching outfits, but these little speedos really take the cake.

They’re just perfectly too snug and bulging, giving us lots to look at.  Somehow the Revival have managed to steal my attention away from the TM-61 hotties, which is no small feat!


My problem was trying to decide what great images I could leave out...

Like hungry jackals that found an injured goat.

Whoa, the meaty villains go to town on Nick Miller!

So you can see, there were numerous great moments of Heel torture and cruelty in this short match.  My problem was not in finding enough images to make a gallery, but in deciding what images to leave out.

So I decided to keep all the stunning scenes and painful domination that occurred, and to just make a second gallery.  Tomorrow we will continue where we left off — with the Revival isolating their opponents and utterly double-teaming each one.

To Be Continued…

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One Response to Zero Remorse, Part 1 of 2

  1. Alex Miller says:

    I love The Revival, especially Dash Wilder. The grey trunks make them even more amazing.

    Thanks for this.