Sleeper Creeper

LonMarc1As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am continuing to enjoy my subscription to Cameron’s “Wrestler 4 Hire” website, where he posts two or three new videos per week that subscribers can stream at no additional charge.  You can also purchase or rent these matches if you don’t want the monthly subscription.

One of the three videos posted on 5/20/16 included this Sleeper demonstration by Lon DuMont — one of my favorite underground wrestling Heels.  He wrestles a bearded body-builder named Marc Merino.  Merino entered the ring in baggy shorts, but it wasn’t long before Lon busted his nuts and stripped him down to his green bikini briefs.

Your muscles are no good now.

Your muscles are no good now.

Even before he has his own pants off, Lonnie already has the muscle-man locked up in some tight Sleeperholds.  Check out this demonstration of strength being drained before our eyes as Merino gives us a brief Gun Show only to have his power zapped, his bulging arm sinking like a deflating balloon.  Nice touch.

And we’re just getting started!  Once Lonnie gets his pants off, he will really get down to business,  putting the big submissive Muscle Jobber in Sleeperhold after Sleeperhold.



Merino has zero defense against Lonnie's relentless Sleepers.

Merino has zero defense against Lonnie’s relentless Sleepers.

The video is titled “Wedgie Wars”, as if the action would revolve around Merino’s green briefs and DuMont’s white trunks repeatedly yanked up where the sun don’t shine.   Actually there is very little wedgie action (which is fine with me), except for I think twice when DuMont is in control and remembers to pull up on the backside of Merino’s drawers.

I am not complaining mind you — I would much rather see a ton of gorgeous Sleepers than a bunch of butt flossing — such as this hot animation showing Lonnie dominating his bearded toy .


This image alone is well worth this month's fee.

This image alone is well worth this month’s membership fee.

Check out this scene of utter dominance — Lonnie with a smile of pleasure as he feels the big stud going limp yet again in his embrace.  He releases his grip slowly, almost lovingly, uncurling his arms as the slumbering victim lolls off to the side, his ruggedly handsome face relaxed.  Beautiful!

I dig how powerful this swole Meathead appears, yet how utterly submissive and floppy he behaves whenever Lon gets a hold of him.  And Lon just revels in his dominance, as if perhaps jocks like Merino picked on him in school, but now he gets to live out his Revenge Fantasies in the ring.

LonMarc6Again and again, the more experienced grappler seizes control and grinds the Alpha Male into slumbering helplessness.  With his moppy hair and arrogant attitude, Lon DuMont is appropriately creepy as our powerful villain.  He talks a ton of trash and even sings a creepy little song each time he regains his deadly embrace.

Check him out here, running his hand across the helpless man’s chest, implying that he owns that body and can do anything he wants to it.  Yes, anything.  He does this a few times to ensure we fully grasp his degree of control and power over the big swole body-builder at his mercy.  Yes, we are all jealous!


" "If you like big men put out in Sleeper holds this match is a must buy."

“If you like big men put out in Sleeper holds this match is a must buy.”

Here is how the Wrestler 4 Hire website described the one-sided action:

“Trapped in Lon’s mighty Sleeper holds Marc’s muscle get weaker and weaker with every move. He tries to fight back but Lon doesn’t give him any chance for a comeback. He has to follow all commands as his mighty arms get heavier and heavier.

This description captures the big man’s sinking weakness and forced obedience very nicely.

LonMarc9So this video was another winner for me, great job Cameron!  Mouthy Lon DuMont never disappoints.  And this big Marc Merino loves to put his impressive physique on sprawling display (even when he is “asleep”.)

Sleepers, cockiness, muscles, white gear, it’s everything I love about wrestling in a fun 20-minute romp.


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7 Responses to Sleeper Creeper

  1. Iggy says:

    I love the contrast between them.

    One is a big, burly, tanned hunk; the other is an average built, pale underdog.

  2. Sean Pford says:

    Love that there are still beautiful jobbers in squash matches!

  3. Runner says:

    When will the next Brock Armstrong story continue?

  4. admin says:

    Not sure — I am going out of town for the long weekend so it won’t be in the next few days…

  5. Paul Smith says:

    So great to see Big Mr Muscles being taken down and DESTROYED by a nasty 160 lb dude who knows how to wrestle (and punish!). It’s so fun to see those 19″ biceps just flap around as the sleeper goes on, all that strength just NOTHING. And that big muscleman chest just heave and ho, giving off a show for all of us. All that time on the bench press has paid off, huh Mr Muscletits? Let’s see more of these!

  6. Iggy says:

    I can’t access the match, but from what I can find Dumont seems to have inflicted excessive wedgies on Merino too – hot!

  7. eropuro says:

    Merino is never a good wrestler. But he certainly looks very nice by being trapped in all kinds of painful submission holds.