I Heart NYWC

The more I see of the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC), the more I love it.  This promotion is packed with some of the hottest Beefcake and impressive wrestling on the Indy scene.  Many of the studs in their stable have been featured on this Blog:  John Silver, the Big O, Milk Chocolate, Papadon, and Anthony Nese to name a few.

Here is Tag Team match I saw on YouTube from the NYWC Draw the Line 2013 event featuring Athletic Inc., the two well-built studs in skimpy black trunks.

Jesse Vane is the swole dude with the shaved head.  Matt Justice is easily identified by his long hair and beard, and the word “Justice” printed across his trunks.  Wow — these studs in their bulging trunks are a sight to see!

Athletic Inc. are battling two older, fatter wrestlers: Mikey Whipwreck and Stockade who are fully clothed in black.  You may recognize these two beefy veterans from the ultra-violent ECW federation that was popular in the 1990’s.

The gimmick of this match is the struggle of the two old-timers against the younger, healthier, stronger, cockier, more naked young stallions in Vane and Justice.  Can the Old Dogs still run with the new Big Swinging Dicks in the wrestling ring?

Most of the match features Athletic Inc looking hot and totally owning the fat old opponents, locking them in holds and kicking their fat bellies.  Big Stockade absorbs the majority of the punishment, laying on the canvas like a beached whale as the high-flying studs in their black briefs drop knees on his throat.  They even toss his fat ass out to the floor, making him appear clumsy compared to their athleticism.

Usually in a Clothed Male vs. Naked Male scenario, the exposed men are helpless victims.  In this case, the “Naked” Males (Vane and Justice) are the dominant studs. Their lean, muscular bodies display their strength, not their vulnerability.  They are like Tarzan — bare flesh an emblem of power and savagery.  The clothed males, on the other hand, seem flabby and subdued, ashamed to show their bodies.

The abbreviated black speedos worn by Athletic Inc. remind me of Barry Windham when he used to turn us on in his too-small black trunks that left little to the imagination.

Lean guys always appear so completely naked when they wear bikini style briefs because their bare legs go on forever and ever.

Check out this sweet move:  Stockade is gassed and suffering in the corner, but Vane is full of vim and vigor.  He runs over, jumps up, and drives both feet right into the fat fuck’s wide-open crotch.  How totally emasculating!  Stockade was just turned into a bitch.

The action gets a little confusing at the end — maybe because I was distracted by those hard bodies jumping around in those clingy black briefs…  DAMN!

Before the match, it was made clear that chairshots are illegal  (thus disarming the old timers of their favorite weapon), but Athletic Inc. brought a chair in the ring anyway.

Whipwreck grabs the chair to defend himself, the cute ref sees it, and disqualifies Stockade and Whipwreck.  The two hard-core bad asses then strip the cute ref of his shirt (rendering him “naked” and vulnerable) and beat him with the chair.  This is totally out of line and brutal (and therefore sexy)!

As usual, hats off to NYWC for some hot pro wrestling action full of breath-taking talent, great wrestling, and plenty of sexual tension and homo-erotic innuendo.  This is just the kind of rasslin I have always loved — it’s nice to see it is still around today and easily accessible on YouTube.

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