Veteran Trunk Puller, 2 of 2

A couple weeks ago, I posted some images a reader sent me showing Arn Anderson, the “Veteran Trunk Puller,” getting all handsy and rough with Tommy Angel’s white trunks.

Well Arn must have a fetish for white trunks because here are more images from my loyal reader with Tom Zenk in the role of “Exposed Jobber in White.”

Arn Anderson, in the oversized cherry-red spandex, is up to his usual Cruel Cheater antics.  He rolls Zenk up for an attempted pinfall while gripping the leg-hole of Zenk’s whitie-tighties.  Here is how my reader describes the scene where Anderson’s head is between Zenk’s thighs as he reaches down to grip the ass of those bright white trunks:

“Zenk has to keep his butt firmly on the canvas otherwise Arn would’ve succeeded in removing his trunks.  This was on the blind side of the referee and one would assume that Anderson would’ve been disqualified.”

I love it when innocent young Tommy Zenk complains to the ref:  “Come on ref — make him stop playing with my drawers!

We think to ourselves: This hapless Baby-Face doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.  There is no justice in pro wrestling, you fool!

Doesn’t Zenk realize that the sadistic Veteran Trunk Puller can have his way, and the ineffective ref will do nothing to protect the young Baby-Face?!  Wake up kid, we think to ourselves, you’re just a piece of meat for this bear to gnaw on while we watch and enjoy it…

Next is the infamous moment when Anderson grips the front of Zenk’s trunks, slipping his fingers down into the bulge area to show ownership over Zenk’s manhood.  Here is how my reader described it:

“Anderson has his hand inside Zenk’s trunks and, judging by Zenk’s reaction, Arn has a hold of his penis.”

Arn Anderson was not the only Heel who heated up the match by pulling on Zenk’s trunks.  Here is a quote from an article on the website where the Z-Man discusses his Most Embarrassing Moment:

We were working a program with Muraco and Orton and during a match I took Bob Orton down in a headlock take-over and got the 1..2..  He rolled me back over, sold the headlock waited for 10 seconds while the ref asked Bob if he wanted to quit. He said “No” and proceeded to grab the front of my trunks and exposed my c*** and b**** for all of Pittsburgh to see … I’d never seen that move before and I’m glad we didn’t kill the town. (By the way I’m all natural in the trunks dept. No sock rolled up, gimmick, or foreign object, etc.)

Both Bob and Don laughed their asses off and I turned red, knowing these two guys and the fact that the crowd response was to really get into it.  And one time just wasn’t enough for Bob. He had to do it again, and this time it got a better reaction … I mean exposed me so everybody could see.”

In the above quotation, Zenk seems a bit surprised by the positive reaction from the crowd, the fact that they “really get into it” when his dick slips out.   But we’ve seen many pro wrestling crowds (which are presumably mostly heterosexual) really pop for gay action before, such as when Kevin Steen pointed out: “Homosexual stuff in wrestling gets a better reaction than anything else.”

The wise wrestler understands that wrestling fans of all stripes will Pay for Gay and he will incorporate some sexy, sleazy moves into his arsenal.  Arn Anderson, who is remembered fondly as one of the greatest Heels of all time, certainly understood this phenomenon judging from the way he keeps his hands buried in the Spectacular Male’s trunks.

In the end, Anderson proves he is the Master over Tom Zenk’s body as well as his trunks.  He suplexes the Baby-Face back into the ring with a handful of spandex and proceeds to hook a leg (and grip the trunks) for the One, Two, Three.   Zenk has been not only beaten, but also sexually humiliated by the Veteran Trunk Puller.

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4 Responses to Veteran Trunk Puller, 2 of 2

  1. Ringmuscle says:

    I remember leaving my parents living room and going into the shower and spewing cum all over the tile after watching this match. Arn was my first boyfriend!

  2. Mark says:

    All the hundreds of Arn’s matches, pulling his trunks up, or grabbing his victim’s, in one way or another, to punish that much more, or to use in helping with a pin, It couldn’t get any Hotter. In one match where he was ready to finish off the kid, he stood over the guy, yanked up “his” trunks as he stared down at the kid, then to make sure the kid wouldn’t get up, sent a Knee Drop direct to the kid’s forehead……Between his yanking of his trunks and within seconds dropping his knee to the kid’s forehead……I was nothing but Pure Jelly. Arn definately knew how to get his fan’s attention!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Albeit a rare occasion, Arn Anderson losing a match is the sexiest thing ever. That, big, sweaty, beefy body, splayed out in the ring. I’ve only been able to find two matches where he loses on YouTube, but two is all you need. So hot.

  4. Stay Puft says:

    Arn and Zenk. Classic heel, classic jobber. Good God in Heaven.