Brand Awareness

So I’m watching a pro wrestling match on TV.  As always, the federation’s logo is plastered on the screen.  Pretty soon, I notice that logo floating over to caress the wrestler’s body, then touching his skin, rubbing itself against his ballsack and ass, absolutely violating the poor wrestler.  What pervert is controlling the placement of the logo??

Is it a coincidence that the feisty little logo seems to often end up between the punished wrestler’s legs?  Are the director and camera-man deliberately placing that lucky logo where we all want to place our hands?

Maybe they place their company mark near the wrestlers’ crotchal region to create the association in our brains between their logo and sex.  They know that we can’t resist gawking at a nicely exposed bulge shot, a pair of spread-eagle thighs, so they slap the brand logo in the general vicinity of his cock, and pretty soon a connection is wired in our monkey brains and we’re popping a boner at the mere sight of the logo.

If they can turn us on just by flashing their brand at us, then they definitely own us (and our wallets.)  Made ya look !

It’s like Nike placing their swoosh on an athlete’s powerful chest (but 10 times hotter)

Another reason for the persistent placement of the company logo over the wrestlers’ crotches could be to brand them like cattle as property of the company.  To brand a slave with your mark is to say I own you forever.  The corporate powers want us to understand that these wrestlers may be strong, but the company rules over all of them (and their dicks.)

Seeing these paragons of masculinity, these muscular Real Men, branded like slaves, their sexual potency covered and owned by the corporate brand sends a message to us. If these studs are powerless to prevent their bulges from being over-powered and stamped with the corporate seal, what ability do we have to resist the omnipotent corporate machine?  We had better toe the line, or that logo may be tattooed over our manhood as well.  We are led to understand that the company owns these men like a rancher owns his cattle and can do whatever it wishes with their bodies and ball-sacks.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.  Maybe the logo just so happens to land on Mr. Happy per the laws of probability — not a conspiracy to enslave and emasculate the wrestler.  Whatev — I just know there are many times during a televised match when I would love to trade places with that lucky logo.

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2 Responses to Brand Awareness

  1. MIKE says:

    ‘CLOCK’ Blocked….LOL! LOL!!!

    Thanks so much for pointing out that the program’s ‘LOGO’ (‘LOW’- GO?) is indeed, suspiciously often pasted near the source of the downed wrestler’s vulnerable ‘MOJO’. Though I’d never paid any attention to this before, I’ll never be able to forget it, from now on! Grrrr! (Once again, ‘CLOCK’ blocked…BRILLIANT! Mucho kudos to your exceptionally perceptive and quick-witted mind!) ;p

  2. Stay Puft says:

    Sexy AND hilarious. (God I love Wrestling Arsenal.)