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It has been a while since I reviewed the Search Terms you perverts enter to find my Blog, so I took a look today.  Wow — some of you people need a hobby or something to get your brains out of the gutter!  Below are some searches that weren’t too bizarre where I could satisfy the searcher with some images from my archives…

wrestler who is an underhanded cheater

In pro wrestling there are thousands of underhanded cheaters (thank goodness!)  Here are just a couple of underhanded cheaters in action.  For more images of brutal rule-breaking and dirty double-teaming, go back and enjoy these past galleries:

wrestling boot kiss

So you want to see some humiliation in the ring?  It used to be wrestlers had pride in their masculinity.  They avoided appearing too subservient or weak.

Now-a-days, anything goes in pro wrestling.  Men will willingly degrade themselves in public — even kissing another man’s boots as an act of humiliation.  What is this sport coming to, ladies and gentlemen??

Get him in the Camel Clutch.

Whoever is searching for Camel Clutches out there is a wrestling fan after my own heart.

If you’re wondering whether I love Camel Clutches, the answer is not “Yes” but “Fuck YES!”

If you want to see a whole herd of nice looking Camels, check out my Camel by Request article.  My old archived website also featured a gallery from November 2008 with over 60 nicely executed Camel Clutches, check it out…

wrestling arsenal nick bockwinkel

It is nice to know I’m not the only wrestling fan out there with a hard-on for the old hairy chested Master of the Short Arm Scissor. Here are a few image of Bock trying to snap the arms of some legendary opponents.

You can also check out my old galleries showing him punishing Magnum TA and Curt Hennig, and scissoring the hell out of some jobber’s neck.

hot male piledriver aresinal

I love how they sell the Piledriver as the most deadly and dangerous move — it makes it more of a turn-on when they utilize it.  And cradling the victim’s crotch for added downward force makes the move seem even more devastating and hot.

You can read more about my fascination with this maneuver and all of it’s devastating variations in my “Driven” article.

leggy wresters

This was an interesting and unusual search term — one I’ve never seen before.  What do you mean by “leggy” wrestlers?  Do you mean tall wrestlers who have long legs?  Or wrestlers who maximize the strength of their legs while applying moves and holds?

Here are a few images showing how I interpret “leggy” — I hope this is the sort of thing you are searching for…

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