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“White Wrestling Trunks”

Yeah, why is wrestling always better in white?  Is it because it’s more revealing, or because it resembles underwear?

“Wrestlers double teaming image”

It is my belief that you can never have enough two-against-one wrestling in your life, which is why I posted a bunch of articles on the subject like: “Double-Team Definition,” “Rock Hard Tag Team,” “Power of Partnership,” “Twin Torture,” “No I in Double-Team part 1” and “part 2,” and “Double Trouble” to name a few.

“wrestler stepping-on-his-face”

Ahh, the appeal of a helpless man underfoot…  Lots more where that came from for your viewing pleasure under my “Boots and Stomps” category, and at the Stomps 4 Me Yahoo Group.

“strong blond wrestler”

Dolph Ziggler always looks pretty strong and blond when he slaps on a punishing Headlock.  For more images of Ziggy Puff beasting the shit out of his opponents’ necks, check out my “Exciting Headlock” posting.

“why are wrestlers wet when they come out”

They are wet when they come out because they coat themselves in thick layers of body oil in order to draw attention to their shirtless bodies and turn you on more.  If you want to read more about the reasons they glisten, check out my “Wet Look” article on the subject.

“jobber wrestling attire”

Think flowery, feminine colors like pink or red.  My “Real Jobbers Wear Pink” article mentions some reasons why this color is perfect for portraying a vulnerable sissy-man.  The “Tights Talk” article discusses how different colors and styles of tights reveal something about the personality of the wearer.

“was big john studd well liked”

I sure liked Big John Studd very well.  I liked when he bearhugged his boy toys into submission, which was frequent.  Some additional reasons to like the Big Studd are discussed in my “Big John Revealed” article.

“malepro wrestlers with feminine personas”

Don’t feel ashamed if this gimmick gets you off.  The gender benders have always been popular in pro wrestling, proof that a lot of the fans are into it.  My “Blond Ambition” article and my “Brawling Sissies” article discuss our attraction to the flamboyant, girlie-man type wrestlers in more detail.

“fat wrestler punishing jobber”

Lately I’ve been enjoying some 198o’s AWA wrestling being shown late night on the ESPN Classic network.  The old school bodies on the wrestlers reminded me that there is something fascinating about a big guy with some meat on his bones going to town on some poor wimp.  My “Loving Large” article talked more about our attraction to the big boys and “Fat Man Offense” discussed the aggressive, crushing style of match favored by fatties.  For more images of these big-little mis-matches, check out the “Cute jobbers vs dirty wrestlers” blog.

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2 Responses to More of What You’re Searching For

  1. GAZZA says:

    lets have more face licking 🙂

  2. MIKE says:

    Yeah. I’m with YOU, “Gazza”; face-lickin’ is HOTTTT! (Let’s see MORE of THAT!) A few more masked wrestlers in tight, bulging, white trunks would be nice to see a little more often, too! (…O.K. MUCH more often!!!) Masks definitely get my “inner juices” a-bubblin’!