Surf or Sleep?

I love it when you guys Blog about wrestling — it gives me something to look at!  But I do have one complaint: I’ve been seeing so many fantastic pro wrestling images on Tumblr that it’s beginning to cut into my hours of sleep.

The problem is, every time I scroll down to the bottom of my Tumblr page, another awe inspiring page of high quality wrasslin’ images with provocative comments pops up and I just have to keep exploring.  Oh well, I guess that’s what Five Hour Energy is for…

These photos and captions are just a small sample of images I’ve seen and comments I’ve read in the past several weeks.  Great job!

Has my little Wrestling Arsenal blog inspired you?  Did you see my work and decide to open your own social media site, post your own favorite Rasslin’ photos, and write your own provocative comments?  If so, I’m glad I’ve helped to foster the conversation around how damn hot pro wrestling really is.

The captions you see here under these photos are actual comments taken from Tumblr — not written by me.  The descriptions of the photos are written in that aggressive, boastful, raunchy tone that you would normally hear in the locker room where the testosterone is flowing, or in the bar room when no ladies are present and you can say “Fuck” if you want to  — I love reading captions like that!

So I just want to say to those of you with Tumblr accounts where you post all these red hot pro wrestling images — if I am cranky all week because I barely got any sleep, it’s all your fault!

(But I forgive you if you keep up the great work and jaw dropping images!)

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5 Responses to Surf or Sleep?

  1. Lurleen says:

    Who’s the hottie at the bottom?

  2. GAZZA says:

    wow who is the pretty guy in the last pic

  3. MARC says:

    Major fan of Tumblr Wrestling page here. Kudos to the guy who post’s the majority of the photos, as I find one to be hotter than the last. The first Pic of Steve Anthony working Jason Jones I first came across on WRESTLING GREAT, that was once showcased here on the Arsenal. ( what ever happened to that post? ) Love the Look on Jones’ face as it seems he is ready to Pass out from lack of Oxygen. Gotta Love the Look on the guy’s face as he’s being punished, in the 2nd pic. He’s looking at the ref with such an incredible look of-> PLEASE REF, YA GOTTA HELP ME, THIS GUY IS KILLIN ME! The 4th pic is great…It looks like Bad Bones is tellin Dynamite -> “HE” wants to Finish Williams off. Actually, I watched this match on YouTube, and Man did Bad Bones and Dynamite give Williams a Good going over !!

  4. Greg says:

    So… anyone want to share their favorite wrestling tumblrs?

  5. Tough Guy 55 says:

    That second picture is just so hot. The look on the guy being tortured as he looks at the ref just got me off in an instant wood. He is in such agony being twisted like that until his torso is competely torked. And the hair above his crotch which the hold allows you to see – the whole is just savage and sex charged.