Show Offs

If you’ve been watching WWE lately, maybe you’ve noticed the same recent trend that I’ve been noticing.    More and more wrestlers are spreading the opponent’s legs open while pinning him to show off his trunks/ballsack during the pinfall.  Then, the camera will zoom in hungrily, giving the fans a rather vulgar and intimate view of the losing wrestler’s crotch, his legs wide open as he flops around. Don’t tell me this is all in my head!

This is occurring too frequently to just be happenstance — this is a planned effort to show more dick and/or balls.  Just count how many times you see a groin close-up during the pinfall in a current episode of Raw or Smackdown, then find an old episode from a year or two ago and count the crotches again.  I bet you’ll see more cocks now than you did then…

It’s as if a memo has gone out recently to all the wrestlers in the WWE:


To: WWE Talent

From: Management

Date: April 1, 2012

Subject: Hooking the leg

Ratings reports are now showing a decrease in market penetration.  This has been correlated to a lack of homo-erotic antics while in the ring.

Effective immediately, all winning wrestlers must spread apart the pinned man’s legs so the camera can capture images of his private parts.  This implied sexual content is expected to boost ratings.  Any wrestler failing to provide gratuitous, sustained exposure of his groinal region shall be subject to a counseling session followed by suspension.

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3 Responses to Show Offs

  1. Leona Lewis says:

    Need ID for the wrestler in red trunks and the one in jeans in the same photo series! thanks 😀

  2. MARC says:

    LOLOLOL Vince has always been re:arranging-changing his Story Lines so as to keep his fan base at the level that keeps the BIG bucks rolling in. Even tho his recent story lines in just the past few years, are totally insane ( my personal opinion ) he continues to laugh all the way to the Bank. His home in Connecticut, of which I have driven past, equally insane. Im MORE than sure, via blogs offered on the internet, Mr. Vince has read about and seen just how much the Gay Boyz have turned their back on his WWE promotion. He has turned it into a Show of T & A, insane story lines, and the firing ( or moving ) of some of the hottest guys he showcased. Could it indeed be, as this Blog indicates, Mr. Vince has instructed his Talent to indeed SPREAD LEG’S during a pin–> to show MORE, so as to TRY and pull the Gay Wrestling fan’s back into his promotion? I can only say, this guy isn’t interested in his games ( should this be bible ) WWE has become to far left of what Pro Wrestling was, and should still be, as far as Im concerned, and a show of a buldging crotch during a Pin is not what get’s me going when it comes to Pro Wrestling Action. Sorry Vince, it ain’t going to work with me!!!!

  3. simon says:

    That pin on Zach Ryder! The bulging crotch is fantastic! A good bit of male totty on display works on me!