Suffering Sunday

Don’t be one of those fans who cheers for the villain. Put your support behind the obvious “Good Guy.”  Support the Baby-Face without shame or restraint.

This will make his inevitable suffering that much more outrageous, enjoyable, and entertaining for you, which is really the whole point of pro wrestling.

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3 Responses to Suffering Sunday

  1. Jd says:

    Who is the humpy wrestler in the sixth set of photos? Way hot! Love to see some of his bouts.

  2. admin says:

    I believe that is “Steven Walters” from federations such as Resistance Pro Wrestling and Federated Wrestling. You can see more images of him on the Beefcakes of Wrestling blog at:

    You can also see a tribute video of him in action at The song describes him as an average, ordinary, Superhero — nice.

    If you want to be his Friend, his Facebook page is at

  3. MCM says:

    Walters is a hottie. Love the way his ass spills out of his shorts in the middle shot. And is that an “Iron Sheik” boot I see in the shot below?

    But OMG who is the hot contortionist in the last pic!? THAT is suffering!