Gutpunch By Request

A fan if this Blog sent me an e-mail describing his love of Gut-Punching in pro wrestling, especially 2 on 1 gut-punching, where one wrestler holds back the victim’s arms so the other can slug him in the Breadbasket.

Customer satisfaction is our passion here at Wrestling Arsenal, so this gallery features images that make you go “OOOOOOFFF!”

His exact words describing his love of belly-busting were:

“My FAV scenes are (2 on 1) gut punching… Dunno why?….just gets me off to see a hot guy restrained & pummeled in the belly.

That was my first turn-on trigger……I just loved to see a Von Erich or sexy jobber gut punished…..

I find the stomach the hottest part of a guy….to this day…”

Some of these images are of Gut Kicking instead of Gut Punching, I hope that is OK. (Or is kicking not the same turn-on as punching??)

Anyway, I’ve heard from a lot of guys into Gut Punishment over the years I’ve been Blogging.  I’m not sure I understand how someone can derive excitement from suffering (or delivering) a fist to the belly, so I decided to conduct some research to try to find an explanation.

Many on-line sources talked about the connection between sex and violence (which are closely wired together in the brain) and the rush of testosterone that comes from feeling or inflicting pain.  I also believe Gut Punching references penetration, and therefore sex:  the stiff fist driven into the flesh, striving to bust through and penetrate.

Of course there are similarities between getting slugged in the gut and Sado-masochism which so many people enjoy. The victim willingly places himself at the dominator’s mercy to test his limits…

So help me out here…  What is it about Gut Punching that you find so hot?  Maybe we can figure out the psychology of this scenario.  Why do you get weak in the knees when you see a guy doubled over after a stiff uppercut to the bowels?  Do you just like that unique growling/grunting noise that a man emits when a hard object slams into his vulnerable mid-section?  Is it better if his arms are restrained, leaving his gut unprotected?  If so, why?

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3 Responses to Gutpunch By Request

  1. Marc Pedn says:

    Gut Shots, Boot’s to the Gut, Fist to a Forehead-Love em all. The only issue I have with some Wrestlers is, if they DON”T know how to CLENCH a fist and SELL the shot, It’s not going to get me going and all Im going to do is Laugh. Take the very first set of pic’s in this Blog–> The Heel in the red & black trunks, holding his victim by the hair, note his stance..Leg’s spread but planted firmly, fist clenched ( thick & round ) His arm is cocked back with his Bicep FLEXED, and he has it lined up for Impact. Shows he has his entire body into this move and he is going to SELL it for all it’s worth. HOT HOT HOT !! 2nd Picture down, Victim being double-teamed, held by one, hit by the other. Problem with this ( my view ) The guy throwing the shot looks as if he is going to SLAP his man, not “punch”him. His Fist “Doesn’t look the Part” should I say. It’s not clenched as a fist should be, his thumb is to he side of his fingers, NOT in front of all 4 fingers. As for his body language, NONE. His stance looks as if he is doing a pompom cheer, and the look on his face..Booring. Nothing! First pic say’s it all–> S**t– Im going to hit you, AND YOUR GOING TO FEEL IT !! 2nd pic does Nothing for me where as Pic 1…Majorly Hot.

  2. RingBruisr says:

    Gut punching is a quick and easy way to gain an advantage in a match. Instantly painful and effective without lasting damage except for a sore stomach. If handled expertly, a knee, kick, elbow, punch, it’s completely explosive having an effect on your opponents wind and stamina, the nastiness being felt full body, knees buckling, etc. I’m a sadistic half of a tag team specializing in one sided squash matches, and the 2 on 1 gut-punching is front and center to control and dominate our opponent.

    It’s demoralizing and a mind fuck, being restrained knowing that you’re about to take some bad ass punishment. You might be able to keep your gut flexed for the first 5 times we strike, but we specialize in the surprise attack, and hit in the unflexed gut. It’s an adrenaline rush whether or not you’re on the receiving end of the abuse, and yes, very much about sado-masochism. Most of our jobbers are muscle heads, and they want to test their limits, and push their bodies. They know if they can withstand an hour of 2 on 1 tag team domination, they’re tough and that gets erotic for some dudes. Add into the mix, gut bombs, stomps, head butts to the stomach and the scenario broadens out. Ultimately I think it’s about domination, I’m going to gut punch, make you feel something you might not have felt before, take you to the edges of pain and pleasure.

  3. Dan says:

    I’m on the receiving end of gut punching. I take punches from a wiry straight guy who knows how to use his fists and likes to fight. We don’t use restraints. I stand with arm behind my back and take the punishment, keeping my abs tight as long as I can. For me there is a sexual element. We both strip to the waist. I feel his fists against my skin in a vulnerable part of my body. Our bodies are close, we sweat, I can smell him. I’m proving I’m tough, his equal. He likes to get a workout punching a guy instead of a bag, but he says there is nothing sexual in it for him. We do this for an hour or more until I am good and sore. Then we both light up cigars and talk until we are down to nubs. All in all, a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.