Are You Ready For Another One?

It shouldn’t surprise any of my loyal readers that I downloaded the recent Tag Team match posted by Wrestler4Hire. I totally get off on Tag Team matches, especially when plenty of cheating and double-teaming occurs, and this match certainly didn’t disappoint. They even included a referee (wearing a Luchador mask) to provide that veneer of law and order to be obeyed by the Good Guys and blatantly ignored by the Heels — a critical ingredient in classic ring psychology.

Ethan and Ty show up in matching purple speedos, which I greatly appreciate (I prefer my Tag Teams to be color coordinated.) I therefore expected them to portray the battered Baby Faces, but I soon realized that both teams would take their turns as the Ruthless Heels in this back-and-forth battle. Their worthy opponents are Gabe Steele and Lobo Gris, both of whom have gotten me off plenty of times in prior videos.

Not long into the match, the Purple Team begin to bully the fuck out of cute young Lobo Gris in his black trunks with shiny silver crotch highlighting his bulge. They repeatedly bust his balls and wedgie his speedo up his crack to put his booty on display. Lobo’s abuse is very homo-erotic.

For me, Lobo steals the show here, selling beautifully and making me horny over the ruthless and sexually-charged punishment he endures.

A lot more happens in this match beyond Lobo’s Face-In-Peril performance, including nudity, a betrayal, and referee abuse. But Lobo stole the show in my opinion so I’m focusing on his excellent work in today’s article.

Feel free to download the match if you want to enjoy all the other dramatic twists and turns.

I fell completely in love with Lobo when he performed this Helpless Ragdoll scene in the corner of the ring. He entangles his arms over the top rope to leave his body exposed to Ethan’s ruthless assault (I love it when the jobber plays up his vulnerability like that!)

Ethan proceeds to beat Lobo down, then he Bronco Busts his victim, slamming his dick into Lobo’s handsome face.

Eventually Lobo and Gabe fight back and begin to take revenge on the Purple Avengers. Lobo continues to shine with some thick-thighed Scissors that have me wondering if he is truly a “Wrestler 4 Hire” whom I might pay to lock those legs around me for a few hours.

Following this stiff Pile-Driver, it’s Ty’s turn to press his dick in Lobo’s face

But here is the scene that put me over the edge. Josh and Lobo trap Ethan in the corner, splitting his legs apart over the middle ropes. This leaves his crotch exposed to their running Field Goal Kicks.

After kicking Ethan in the nuts, Lobo wraps an arm congenially around his neck and asks him: “Are you ready for another one?” I love it when a wrestler does that — pauses the abuse for a moment of affection, a pleasurable “Kiss of Death” before inflicting the coup de grâce.

It’s like a power play — a demonstration of total dominance and control — when the Bad Guy assumes the right to touch his helpless victim intimately, to hug him or stroke him or whisper in his ear. The implication is that the hero is powerless to prevent the perverted Heel’s flirtations, and they both know it. Oh yeah, Lobo got me good with this little display.

Then they locked Ty Alexander in the same Kick-My-Crotch position in the corner and give him the same intimate face-touching. By this time, I was already spent and needing to catch my breath.

The action gets fairly wild and unpredictable after that — the cart really flies off the rails. I had already gotten my money’s worth and began to look forward to the next Tag Team match one of the Underground federations will set up for us. I am definitely ready for another one! Hopefully it will involve my new man-crush, Lobo Gris.

That winning smile on Lobo’s cute mug alone is worth the price of this download
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  1. Phil says:

    I love Lobo’s leg scissors. He knows just how to sell it. And his legs are incredible. I like Ty but I am in love with Gabe and Lobo. Thanks.

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