The Ringside Valet Gimmick

I purchased this MuscleBoy Wrestling match over a month ago when their Catalog 24 first dropped, but I didn’t know if I was going to Blog about it. I wasn’t sure if the Wrestling-to-Porn ratio was high enough.

But then my fellow blogger Ringside at Skull Island wrote a really good article about it with some great GIFs (including the above, where Armond Rizzo is forced to watch and wait while his opponent, Leo Luckett, lock lips with Alex Costa). This reminded me about some aspects of the match that I really did enjoy, so I decided to write it up after all.

One aspect that I greatly enjoyed was how hot Armond Rizzo is…

The match plays off the classic pro wrestling trope where the Heel would be allowed to have a Valet assisting him at ringside. Sometimes it would be a chick who’d sometimes cheat to help her man win, which was pretty hot. Or sometimes it was a fawning male servant like a Percy Pringle, clapping and cheering for his man, which was also hot.

And sometimes, as in this match, it was a Tag Team partner, identically dressed and eager to defend his boy, which was VERY HOT. Here Muscleboy takes the implied homo-sexual tension between Tag Team partners to the next level by explicitly presenting Leo and Alex as out-and-proud lovers, or at least make-out buddies.

By the way, Leo Luckett has fought Armond Rizzo before — way back in November 2017 (ancient history already!) At that time, Armond (in the lime green speedo) gained the upper hand and really punished Leo in more ways than one!

Well now Leo brought some back-up, Alex Costa, to ensure this humiliation doesn’t happen again! It’s like when you kick some kid’s ass in Fourth Grade and he gets his big brother to come out — a Seventh Grader who already hit puberty and, they said, owned a BB gun.

The action swings back and forth a few times. Each time Armond gains control, Leo slugs him in the balls to subdue him. Each time Leo gains control, he hustles over to his corner to place BF Alex in another lip-lock. It gave me a boner, I won’t lie.

I actually would’ve enjoyed more Double-Teaming — more interference from Alex. There is a moment when Alex storms the ring to pull Armond off Leo, but I wanted to see Alex blatantly restraining Armond’s arms so Leo could slug him in the gut — that sorta thing.

Also I would’ve done more to play off the history between Armond and Leo. For example, I would’ve had Leo say, “You got lucky and kicked my ass last time, but now my Boyfriend here has been helping me train. He’s here to be sure you don’t try cheating again and when we’re done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a week” — that sorta thing.

The hottest scene for me, the footage that sent me over the edge, was this grinding Headscissor by Leo. In the midst of the Scissor, he beckons his buddy Alex to get in the ring, and the TWO START MAKING OUT, RIGHT WHILE HE’S STILL SCISSORING ARMOND!

They’ve hit on a lifelong secret fantasy of mine here — to make out with one dude while owning another dude in my Scissors at the same time, what a Boss move! What a show of dominance! The perfect mix of pleasure and more pleasure.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about the Valet gimmick before and the sexual tension it adds to a standard wrestling match: the homo-eroticism of a man watching another man perform. The voyeurism. The implied love triangle between the three participants, the apparent cuckolding of the watching partner (if wrestling is a metaphor for sex, which it totally is).

This video captures all those vibes and amplifies them by making the sexual attraction between Leo and his Valet rather explicit and between Leo and his opponent very, very explicit indeed. Soon Leo can no longer restrain himself and the trunks come off. That’s where I’ll end my review, but you can always download this video if you want to see who ends up doing what to whom.

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  1. Phil says:

    I’m a fan of Armond but Leo and Alex have incredible chemistry. Wow! And I always really loved the valet gimmick, especially when it was a male. The grinding head scissor with make out is truly brilliant. Thanks so much for this entry.

  2. outfitter says:

    I loved this write-up, and the captions you put under the images are top-notch. Your creativity as a wordsmith who can turn a phrase sets a high bar for other like-minded bloggers. I doff my cap to you, sir!

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