“I like to hear what other people have to say about them…”

So I reached out to the pro wrestling artist known as Drumbear when I saw his profile on the Meetfighters wrestling personals site. I’ve been enjoying his artwork for many years, so I asked him if I could post some of my favorites here on my blog and write about why I like them.

He was fine with this idea and said that he’d like to know my readers’ reactions to his work. So today’s images are all drawings of wrestling and wrestlers created by the amazing Drumbear. Oh I’ve also added a caption to each of his creations in an attempt to explain my reasons for liking it.

By the way, you can view many more of his drawings, including some more erotic and adult images, in his Meet Fighters profile gallery (without my captions added.) You may need a free Meet Fighters account to get in.

Do you like what you see? Any reactions? I can report my reaction right away: I think his drawings of beefy mature brawlers in skimpy pro style gear are absolutely HOT and super arousing! As someone who grew up turned on by the type of wrestler depicted in his drawings, I’ve always had a strong positive reaction to his work.

Just like classic pro wrestling itself, Drumbear’s drawings celebrate masculinity and strength – the beauty, power, and erotic appeal of the exposed male form in all shapes and sizes (but primarily huge and hairy and wearing classic gear.)

I suspect some viewers of these drawings won’t “get” the erotic appeal. After all, the guys are not ripped and pretty with six-packs, lean hips, and V-shaped torsos. These are Real Men with full hairy bodies, heavy bulging stomachs and big glorious medallion-sized nipples. Their receding hair and thick pelts position them as confident older gentlemen, not fresh smooth youths who are typically the subjects of erotic art.

This type of man is an acquired taste I suppose — and I acquired the taste back in the 1970’s and 80’s when Daddy Studs like these got in the ring and punished each other on Saturday mornings for my viewing pleasure (after which I’d need some alone time with the bedroom door closed.) Oh I like watching swole young pretty-boys wrestle too, trust me, but I sure wouldn’t kick any of these big brutes out of bed for wanting to have a Scissor Session.

When I would get bored in class during my horny High School days, I’d sketch little wrestling drawings in the margins of my notebook. A Bearhug scene here, a victory pose there. My efforts were nowhere near as detailed or polished as Drumbear’s masterpieces, but I’d still feel that stiffening in my corduroys and suddenly wasn’t feeling bored or sleepy any more. If I could draw as well as Drumbear, I probably would’ve busted a nut right there in Pre-Calc with my text book on my lap.

Before class was over, I’d quickly scratch out my pencil sketches lest someone peruse my notebook and discover my deepest darkest secret. Fortunately Drumbear is more confident and public with his drawings (with his love of wrestling) and not as repressed as I was.

The tall boots are awesome, the bikini trunks are hot, but we’ve got to address those big bulging eraser nipples on so many of Drumbear’s wrestlers. Some of them look like cow’s udders, just begging to be milked! Just looking at them makes me want to pinch or twist them and make the victim groan! (or do that to myself.)

There are millions of sensitive nerve endings in the nipples which, for some people, are wired directly to their brain’s pleasure receptors. Statistically, over half of men report being aroused from having their nips played with.

I suspect the artist is one of them based on the prominence of those big pinchable nobs in his artwork. Certainly the inclusion of hard, protruding nipples and bulging cocks in these drawings makes the imagery more pornographic and sensual, as if the wrestlers are all turned on in the ring, their pointy nips signaling their arousal over getting to wrestle.

Like most artists I’ve known, Drumbear is hyper-critical of his work and disappointed when it doesn’t look perfect enough or realistic enough or exactly as he pictured it in his head. He wrote to me:

“I admit quite a few of them are amateurish at best, the stances are off or it doesn’t capture the action as well as I had hoped… Not very many people seem to find them interesting, so I like to hear what other people have to say about them.”

Nice display of suffering in the above drawing (and many of the others…)

And I’m not claiming that Drumbear is a Rembrandt or a Raphael, but he’s far more talented and artistic than I. Plus he earns about a million bonus points for choosing pro wrestling as his subject matter.

This guy in the red bikini in the following image really does it for me. That classic Arn Anderson man-bod, those large nips. I always pay attention to how the wrestlers place their feet when down on the mat, how they kick their legs or hook their boots together at the ankles. Drumbear placed this jobber’s tall red boots just right!

Anybody else feeling turned on, or am I the only chubby chaser sporting a chubby of my own right now?

Thanks again, Drumbear, and please keep up the great work. I for one find your drawings very “interesting” and I always have. I’ll let you know of any additional feedback or critiques we receive…

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7 Responses to “I like to hear what other people have to say about them…”

  1. Joe says:

    Like you, I’m a fan of Drumbear’s work. I wish he’d show it off to similarly-themed arts magazines like Orange Crush, Physique Pictorial, Gayletter, etc., to garner even more recognition and fans. He’s the real heir to Tom of Finland, in my opinion. Thanks for the perceptive comments on his truly sexy and beautiful images.

  2. Dino says:

    He has great content. I grew up on hairy chested, big nips, thick body and manly wrestlers. He shows exactly what attracted me to wrestling from my younger days. Nothing more exciting for me then seeing a big hairy brute getting manhandled by another hairy brute. I especially am into sleepers, chokes, claw holds of all kinds and dragon sleepers have always been the hold that puts me over the top. Great work.

  3. outfitter says:

    I love the artwork! I’ve always liked burly-looking fellows in the ring, particularly the guys who looked short and stocky compared to their opponents. Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood may fit that bill for me today, but I remember liking guys like Arn Anderson, Don Kernodle, Dale Veasey, and Ivan Koloff when I was an avid pro wrestling watcher in my youth.

  4. Mr Muscle says:

    Mark Lewin was my first pro wrestling crush. That huge body covered in hair muscle bulging everywhere and always the trunks about 2 sizes too small. Really the epitome of masculinity and strength. So many of these drawings bring all that to mind especially the exaggerated pectorals the squat butt asses and of course the the semi hard cocks begging to be manhandled. Thanks for posting, I’m actually getting a boner writing this!

  5. admin says:

    Yes Lewin has always been big “wrestling crush” for me too — what a masculine hunk and any wrestler who uses the Sleeper Hold all the time is a winner in my book. I agree that Lewin is a perfect model for many of Drumbear’s works — good point. No wonder I enjoy his drawings so much –his characters resemble one of my favorite wrestlers!

  6. Big Boots says:

    Great stuff as usual, WA!

    Sweet drawings all. Love the gear details… and especially the boots. The caricatures would drive me positively wild if some of the guys were shown with the big socks up over the boots.

    Drawings tho are nice to see. Will add in Tumblr.


    Rob – aka BigBoots.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I want to frottage wrestling match

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