The Dirty Ref Gimmick

When I checked out the latest offering from Weekend Wrestling this past weekend, I noticed they had added a referee to the mix: one of their more experienced ring veterans, JBW. Are they trying to clean up the matches, perhaps reduce the level of cheating by enforcing law and order? (That would suck…)

But I didn’t pay much attention to the ref anyway because Austin Lynch looking beautiful in a snug blue speedo (WOW!) and because this swole new Heel, “Sadistic” Sid Shaw in shiny metallic trunks that highlight his dick. (DOUBLE WOW!)

It is soon obvious why they’ve added this rare Referee to this match — to work the “Biased Official” gimmick. As if Austin is not already out-matched by this muscular pit-bull, the ref is unfairly adding to the one-sidedness by allowing his “best friend” to blatantly bend the rules while promptly penalizing poor Austin for crimes he didn’t even commit!

This gimmick, which they don’t use often enough in pro wrestling, can be very enticing because of the power imbalance, the hopelessness that the Good Guy could ever win when the voice of the law is against him. And the hopelessness soon gets even worse for young Austin Lynch…

I went from Half Chub to Full-on Rager after Austin was kicked into the ref, who very eagerly tore off his clothes to punish the gorgeous Baby-Face for this minor infraction. This takes the Biased Official gimmick to a whole new level! Good thing JBW happened to be wearing trunks and boots under his referee uniform!

(I used to do this too, like in the Freshman dorm. I was so horny to wrestle the other guys, I couldn’t wait for someone to trip me or make fun of my hat or something. I’d promptly pounce on the troublemaker (if he were halfway good looking and not too big for me) so we could tussle and paw at each other for a while. We didn’t rip our shirts and pants off — that’d be too gay — but I sure wanted to…)

Are they trying to lynch poor Austin Lynch?!

We have seen Austin Lynch and JBW in prior matches at WW, but this “Sadistic” Sid Shaw in the golden Heel trunks is new. His body is spectacular — I’m not sure if my images here really do him justice! I was curious about him and whether he wrestles in the Indie feds, perhaps using the same name, so I googled him.

It turns out Sid Shaw is a specialist in wrestling matches and Dom/Sub roleplay. He offers his clientele custom videos, chats, and even sells his used gear when he’s done with it. That’s hot (because he’s hot.) He has a Facebook, Instagram, and TheBestFlex profile where you can get in touch with him and let him know what you want him to do for you.

For the second half of the video, Sid and his friend, who is supposed to be ENSURING law and order, apply a number of cruel Two-On-One holds on their grunting and groaning rassle-toy. You can bet I enjoyed it. Then they started passing Austin back and forth so one could apply a move (say an OTK Backbreaker or crushing Bearhug) and the other one would repeat it.

They keep up good Heel banter as well, egging each other on to inflict greater punishment. At one point, Sadistic Sid says, “You know what? We’re breaking his back — I think we need to break his neck.” Whoa, that got me. Boastful Threatening Wrestle-Banter is my love language for sure!

The tattooed arms of the veterans contrast nicely with the smooth, clean rookie

I liked the match. This new Heel “Sadistic” Sid intrigues me and I want to see more of him. Weekend Wrestling always does a good job resurrecting the situations and scenarios that played out on televised pro wrestling decades ago, and then amplifying the homo-eroticism to bring our adolescent fantasies to life.

They’re also great at scouting and recruiting new talent and introducing them to the wrestle-porn universe. They give me yet another reason to love the weekend.

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7 Responses to The Dirty Ref Gimmick

  1. Dino says:

    I find Austin Lynch very sexy. Yes those blue speedos are nice and snug. I assume he wrestles elsewhere. Has anybody seen him wrestle for other companies or what he goes by in name as an independent wrestler?

  2. admin says:

    Same question for Sid Shaw. He must’ve wrestled somewhere else but I don’t recognize him. Any ideas?

  3. Joe says:

    DAMN these guys are hot!

  4. Mikey Aarons says:

    Every time I want to take a break from blogging about matches, Weekend puts out something like this lol. Can’t wait to check it out!

  5. Phil says:

    Austin Lynch looks incredible in the great blue speedos. He sells the backbreaker really well……would love to see more of him.

  6. Dino says:

    Really surprised that nobody could find anything on these two hunks from underground wrestling or mainstream wrestling. Could both of them be “ new finds” in the wrestling world. Hard to believe because both are hot and sexy, to me at least.

  7. admin says:

    I got a positive ID on Sid Shaw, left as a response to a comment I made on Beefcakes of Wrestling’s Leo Kruger gallery.

    “Checked out your blog. The heel “Sid Shaw” that you recently featured has had a long career in the indies as “Sam Shields.” Lots of vids on Youtube. Anon.”