The Arm Drop Ritual

My previous gallery included the above GIF that I found on the Chokes & Sleepers Tumblr site. It’s from a Wrestler4Hire video where Karn repeatedly puts Austin Cooper to sleep in a series of really nice Sleeper Hold variations.

I recognize the scene because I downloaded this video when it first appeared on Wrestler4Hire and I’ve enjoyed watching it many times. So I decided to do a deeper dive and show you some of the best moments from this video…

The match is one of those Sleeper Hold fetish videos where the victim (in this case, Austin) gets knocked out again and again with multiple variations of the hold. It may have been a Custom video ordered by some Sleeper-perv who paid to see Austin Cooper being slowly drained of strength and gradually slipping off to a helpless slumber multiple times.

When they first entered the ring, Karn confidently notified Austin that he intends to Sleeper the shorter man out cold six times. (I wonder if they charged the customer who ordered this match a certain amount per Sleeper and the most he could afford was six?)

We actually get to observe more than six Sleeper Holds being applied over the course of the 28-minute squash session because, in some cases, Karn lets Austin loose before fully putting him under, which does not count toward the goal of six knock-outs.

Following most of the successful Sleepers, Karn very elaborately and repeatedly tests Austin’s arm, raising it aloft and letting it flop down like a deflated balloon. This is a nice nod to the classic pro wrestling ritual where the referee would check to ensure the jobber was fully asleep by letting his arm fall three times before declaring him beaten. It always had to drop three times — this was like a rule.

Why the Arm Test had to always happen three times, when you could tell after the first one that he is out cold, I have no idea. But it seemed humiliating for the jobber to publicly demonstrate his rag-doll wimpyness times three, so I always dug the Arm Drop ritual. I suspect whoever commissioned this video (assuming it was commissioned) insisted on many demonstrations of the Arm Drop, because Karn is diligent about testing the arm again and again. Yes he’s asleep, dude.

Sometimes in Underground wrestling, the Sleeper Hold is not applied correctly. Some of the models, who perhaps haven’t watched hours of classic wrestling matches, will place their forearm under the chin as if to strangle the victim. That’s not right.

Karn’s sleepers are beautifully applied, with Austin’s chin properly centered in the crook of his elbow. He correctly presses his bicep against one side of the neck and his forearm against the other. He also cups Austin’s forehead tightly with his free hand which is very good form. I appreciate Karn’s careful attention to proper Sleeper Hold application because I get off easier and quicker if the holds are performed just so — just like they are done in televised pro wrestling.

My favorite moment of the match — the same moment depicted in the Tumblr GIF (See first image above) — occurs after the fifth knock out when Karn grips Austin’s forehead in one hand and performs the Arm Drop with the other.

It seems so intimate, like they’re a pair of lovers spooning in bed. It gets me every time!

Does Karn achieve his goal of putting Austin to sleep six times? If so, what is the final variation he uses? You can learn the answers to these questions by downloading the video from Wrestler4Hire. If you’re into Sleepers, this match is a “must see”!

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7 Responses to The Arm Drop Ritual

  1. Dino says:

    Austin has done other videos where he is the victim of nonstop sleepers and getting snuffed out. Always hot to watch him go limp. He sells it well.

  2. Christopher G Yanchulis says:

    So freakin hot!!!

  3. Phil says:

    How much hotter can a series of sleepers be. I’ve seen these images before but your descriptions make them even hotter. Karn is so hot and he is a real sleeper expert. Austin is the perfect toy. The deep shoulder massage is classic.

  4. Mikey Aarons says:

    It really sucks that we rarely see the drop of the arm 3 times in pro/indie wrestling any longer. It added an amount of suspense that at times can be really erotic, depending on who the wrestlers are of course.
    I read something a while ago that they no longer do it and just call the match at the first sign of a pass out to be more realistic like the actual choke outs we see in MMA. BREAKING NEWS pro wrestling world: None of us watch wrestling because we think it’s real. I do understand the angle they are going for though. I get it. I’m sure there are a fair amount of people that really like the new trend. I just don’t lol

  5. outfitter says:

    Any match involving Austin Cooper makes for good viewing. As a jobber, he sells well. As a heel, he’s doubly awesome. You’re right about the humiliation of the ‘arm drop’. It’s bad enough when a referee does it, but it’s more humiliating and sexy when there’s no ref and the wrestler (in this case, Karn) gets to do the arm drop himself!

  6. destoy alpha males says:

    i love so much his destruction

  7. JR says:

    Such a beautiful sight to see Austin Cooper put to sleep over and over in such humiliating fashion. I actually already owned this match, and your article prompted me to revisit it. It was fantastic, especially the ending! I love when a muscle jock ends up knocked out and flat on his back with his limbs spread eagle. It really emphasizes his vulnerability and puts his body on full display for all to admire. And what a body it is! Also completely agree that Karn gripping Austin’s forehead as he drifts off to sleep is so sexy. Reminds me a bit of Dexter Lumis on NXT and how he strokes his opponent’s head after knocking them out. Know that’s my kind of heel!