Everyone knows that the best professional wrestling on the planet is Ring of Honor or ROH for short — perhaps you’ve heard of it.  How happy was I to learn they’ve just launched a weekly ROH syndicated television show and the first episode was last week!  If you didn’t catch it, it was fantastic. Check your local listings if you enjoy hot pro wrestling.

Sadly for some of you poor suckers, the ROH weekly show is not available in every market, but I’m lucky enough to get it here, so I’ll try to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening.  You can check out the map to see when and where it airs.

In some places, it’s on Saturday morning — the traditional time to show Rasslin’ — right after cartoons but before mainstream sports.  Other markets have it on at Midnight — the perfect time to enjoy some suffering with the volume turned down after everyone else has gone to bed.   I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and watch it if you can.

Or for just $7.99 per month, you can sign up to be a Ringside Member and catch all the action on-line.

Leave it to Ring of Honor to feature a hot Tag Team rivalry as the very first match on the very first episode of their show!  And you thought Tag Team wrestling was dead.  This match wasn’t a group of washed-up old wind-bags still hogging the spotlight and running their mouths for half the broadcast either — this was fresh, young, talented eye-candy — a high-flying duel between four up-and-comers.

The Bravado Brothers (in the pink argyle) are a brother tag team with an unusual persona for a pair of Heels.  They’re muscular and buff like any Baby-Face team, and they dress in pink and white like 80’s pretty-boys, but they just aren’t what you could call handsome or cool.  Their nerdy clothing choices (in and out of the ring) scream preppy, elitist, d-bag Wanna-Be’s.   They seem to do everything right and proper to be loved by the fans — I think their schtick is they WANT to be Heart-Throbs — but they come off clumsy and creepy and unlikeable.  The Bravados are totally and wonderfully off-putting.

Their opponents in the gray trunks with green details are called FutureShock — Adam Cole with the long wavy locks, and Kyle O’Reilley with the short hair and hard-ass attitude.   What’s not to love about this hot young team?   They could almost play Heels because you can just catch a whiff of that competitive brutality (like those pushy jocks who used to muscle you out of their way in Middle School) but in ROH, they play the Baby-Faces — and damn are they fun to watch.

Ring of Honor brings you the feel of the classic, rough, violent, gritty, campy Pro Wrestling from the 1970’s and 80’s — but with the gorgeous-looking model-quality athletes who grace the modern wrestling ring.  And the production quality of this new program is very good for Indy wrestling — clear picture, lots of close-ups on the wrestlers.  There is certainly nothing lacking when it comes to the skill of the wrestlers — ROH is second to none.

So go set your DVR to record ROH right now — when it comes to pro wrestling, would I steer you wrong?

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  1. alphamaledestroyer says:

    I am sworn enemy of Bravado´s butt