Laid Out Losers

Nice example of Clothed Males / Naked Male

My fellow Blogger, PiledriveU, recently completed a wonderful series of galleries that he called “The Anatomy of a Match.” He dissected a typical wrestling bout into seven sections, giving us numerous images and detailed descriptions of the ring entrance, then the pre-match stare down, then the initial lock-up, etc.

He has just concluded his seventh (and final?) installment: The Laid Out Loser. This is a personal favorite of mine — when we get to check out the defeated stud as he lays there conked out, looking vulnerable and helpless, his legs usually spread apart invitingly.

So in today’s article, I am paying tribute to PiledriveU’s great work on this series, especially the final chapter, by re-posting some of his best images from his Laid Out Loser gallery. Go see his Blog for a ton more great images I did not swipe. The caption attached to each photo is a quote from PiledriveU (his comments are so fun and arousing to read) — except where I added a thought of my own in parentheses, such as in the next couple of images…

I love it when pro wrestling gets all gay and explicit
I love it when we get a peek at both dude’s crotches…..
Who keeps hurting my boy MJF ?!?!
Like I said, I love the gay stuff. I think everybody does.

Here is the paragraph that PiledriveU wrote to introduce his Laid Out Loser gallery:

In the final series, we pay tribute to all the laid out opponents, their beaten bodies on display for us, legs spread out, arms spread out, their chests being shown off as they are sprawled on the canvas, their pits breathing, their eyes closing, their bulge bulging up to the sky…… they are done, finished, knocked out. \

We thank them for all the JO opportunities they give us, their inability to fight or win, how fuckin hot they look heaving for air, sleeping in the middle of the ring, under the towering stare of the winner…..the cheers for the winner from the audience and their boos for laid out loser…….

I’m beginning to worry that I swiped too many images from PiledriveU’s gallery. I usually only post a dozen or so photos in my articles so I don’t bore my readers, but I’m already up to 15 here!

Oh well, I don’t care — I’m indulging myself today and going hog wild. I can’t help it if PiledriveU had great taste in wrestling photos and got me all worked up with this treasure trove of suffering dudes!

Very cool camera angle from above!
Somebody kick that chubby hunk!

Well that’s plenty for today. If you don’t have a boner by now, you must be dickless………..

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5 Responses to Laid Out Losers

  1. PiledriveU says:

    Glad you liked the series man and thanks for highlighting it! I might add an 8th section…….The Aftermath! If you lost, now you have to pay, am I right??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aspen and Scrappy….how hot is that. So erotic. If that doesn’t turn you on, nothing will.

    Great gallery. Thanks.

  3. Chaz says:

    PiledriveU has a GREAT tumblr account! Check him out!

  4. outfitter says:

    I’ve been following the ‘Anatomy of a Match’ series too; it’s great! Love seeing guys lifeless on the losing end of a match. I also enjoy watching losers that go into convulsions after they take a prolonged beating or a devastating finishing move. It always scared and excited me as a kid!

  5. destoy alpha males says:

    hot and sexy men were born to be destroyed