Fantasy Made Real

The latest video from Weekend Wrestling begins with Blake Starr already handcuffed to a chain suspended from the ceiling as Cole Cassidy takes his sweet time entering the ring. It’s like a spider finding a juicy fly entangled in its web. Apparently Cassidy’s minions captured Blake Starr, bound him in chains, and placed him in the ring for their master to satisfy his sadistic wrestling urges.

If you’ve loved pro wrestling your entire life, you may have grown up with fantasies like this. You may have dreamed about owning your own secret ring and your own gorgeous wrestling slave who you could bring out on a chain whenever you were in the mood to tangle with him. Or maybe I was the only wrestle-perv with twisted fantasies like that…

In my wrestling slave fantasies, the slave was always wonderfully submissive and obedient, unable to fight back or to hurt me while I drained his strength with a series of classic holds. With his hands cuffed, I’d be able to finally fulfill my Body-Scissoring urges, gripping him between my thighs for as long as I wanted.

After I had weakened my wrestling slave sufficiently to subdue him (and maybe plant a kiss on him), I could safely unlock his cuffs. Now I could put him in even more creative and tortuous holds without needing to worry that he could resist or possibly escape the ring.

When I blogged about Weekend Wrestling back on March 27th, I speculated about what their unique brand identity would be — how they would differentiate their style from the crowded and growing field of excellent wrestle-porn producers.

The Weekend Wrestling brand is shaping up to be a fantasy-land with an edge. Campy old-school pro wrestling tropes like chain bondage and wrestling slavery and killer Heart-Punches are relished and celebrated. The kinky wrestling fantasies that have haunted our wet-dreams since adolescence play out before our eyes at Weekend Wrestling.

The producers behind Weekend Wrestling definitely “get” the erotic side of classic pro wrestling and share many of the same fantasies that I — and I expect many other readers of this blog — grew up on.

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One Response to Fantasy Made Real

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cole Cassidy is hot! He is always a great punisher, but I think he is actually a great jobber, too. I know he suffers and gets groggy sexily. I wonder anybody feels the same.