Bonza’s Bondage

These images are captured from a YouTube video from the Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA), an Australian federation with, apparently, some really hot wrestlers on their roster.

The big beefy bruiser in the tight red trunks is the Heel (and challenger), Jack Bonza.  He is joined by his fellow members of the evil “4th Nation” stable — Adam Hoffman and Sean Kustom.  The ref soon forces Bonza’s (gorgeous) henchman to get away from ringside so they can’t cheat (Damn it, Ref!  Leave them alone!)

Big Jack Bonza is facing off against the smaller Champion — Robbie Eagles — who wears some stretchy ass-tight blue trunks and a handkerchief tied to his head and his neck, 80’s Baby-Face style.  The size difference is wonderful — young Eagles is gonna get destroyed, especially knowing that this is a “No Disqualification” match, meaning Bonza can rape and pillage Eagles however he wishes and get away with it.

A recurring theme throughout this match is the constraint and torture of the Champ.  Not only are his head and neck bound with the kerchiefs, but so too will his body be tied up.  For example, here we see Eagles’ legs tied in a knot as Bonza drives a chair into neck.

Bonza takes the fight outside the ring, continuing to simply pound young Eagles’ face in.

Wow, big Bonza in those skimpy red trunks, his thick body busting out all over, is a sight to behold!  Most wrestling fans prefer a leaner, cuter wrestler (e.g., scroll up and see the above photos of Sean Kustom.)  But the power and confidence of a thick-bodied veteran can also be intoxicating to witness.  Jack Bonza has no shame in his game as he nearly bares it all by proudly fighting in his little red panties.

Wow — is THIS the sort of gear they wear in Australia??  Good day, mate indeed!  🙂

The scene gets kinky when Eagles is chained to the ringpost with a bike lock around the belly, and then dick-whipped with Bonza’s big metal rod.

Normally the ref would be obliged to prevent this sadistic torture — either by calling for the bell or for some bolt-cutters to remove that bike chain and release Eagles.  But this was designated a No DQ match, so Bonza is permitted to chain up Eagles and cane him.  Why Eagles would foolishly agree to a “No DQ” match with this brute I have no idea!

Finally free from the bike lock, Eagles scampers into the ring only to be slammed onto a cold steel ladder.

(Actually Bonza also suffered some stiff ladder shots, but this gallery is getting long enough already, so I guess I will just focus on the suffering and abuse of little Robbie Eagles.  This is the more believable scenario anyway — big Bonza totally owning the ring.)

Back to the bondage motif with Bonza again applying the choke chain to the helpless champ.

After blogging about gay wrestling scenes like this for almost 15 years, do I really need to explain the homo-erotic nature of this scenario?  The near nudity coupled with that kinky chain?  The exchange of power?  The suggestive submissiveness of the champ?   The ref joining in the humiliation by raising Robbie’s limp arm to see if he is awake?

Eventually Bonza’s handsome boy-toys cannot stay away from the action any longer.  Apparently driven by the excitement of watching Eagle’s punishment from backstage, they return to the ring to help Bonza finish destroying Eagles (as if he needs any help…)

The Handsome Henchmen set up two steel chairs with the ladder laid across the seats.  This gives Bonza a convenient platform on which to slam poor Eagles and break him.  The big brute wins the match and steals the champion’s prized position — his gold belt.  Then Bonza and his hot friends strike some victory poses and stand around hugging each other and showing us their bulges.

PWA clearly delivers several key ingredients that make a match exciting for fans such as you and I — great looking competitors wearing eye-catching little trunks, classic mis-matches and one-sided beat-downs by a Big Guy on a weak sissy-boy, kinky uses of bondage and foreign objects, etc. Great job, PWA, why not post some more matches of the 4th Nation — especially of Hoffman and Kustom, crikey!

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  1. RayAtL says:

    Great reporting on this match… This is the type of posts that I visit The Arsenal for!