Handicap Match

For some reason, Ace Owens agreed to fight both of these big swole Heels (see above) in a totally unfair “Handicap Match” recently posted on the Wrestler4Hire page. Usually in pro wrestling, they’ll invent some scenario to explain the unfair odds, such as his Tag Team partner is injured or missing, yet the brave (yet foolhardy) Baby-Face agrees to fight both enemies by himself.

But in wrestle-porn, just like any other porn, having a plausible backstory is not really the most important ingredient in the soup.

Either of these two Heels — Wes Ratchet or Caleb Klein — could dominate Ace, so when their forces are combined, their power advantage is off the charts. The unfairness of the situation can be quite arousing if you’re into that sort of thing (as most pro wrestling fans are…)

To make matters worse for poor Ace, he likes to keep his hair long. This offers the two dominant Heels yet another advantage over him: a handle they can use, like a bridle on a horse, to direct and manage him. I get turned on when i see a wrestler pulled or thrown by the hair, and this video offers plenty of that.

The backstory may not be an important element in wrestle-porn, but the wardrobe choices are, for me, absolutely crucial. And this video checks all the boxes:

  • Heel team in matching trunks (army green underwear with thick black waistbands in this case)
  • Jobber in bright, heroic colors (bonus points for the American Flag get-up. I dig any wrestling gear with stars on it!)
  • Bulges proudly emphasized, their potent manhood celebrated rather than concealed or down-played
  • Boots and kneepads for added authenticity and class
  • More bonus points for Jobber in white boots, Heels in black.

In case you couldn’t guess, this is a total Squash Job with helpless, submissive Ace Owens never raising a finger in self-defense. He sells perfectly, often arching his back or spreading apart his legs in playful, flirtatious agony after enduring one painful maneuver after another.

The Heels amp up the degradation by forcing Ace to beg for them, by calling him a “bitch”, by making him kiss their boots. I can only guess that this video might’ve been a Commission, where some perv with a kink for bullying paid extra for some verbal humiliation. The end result was so successful that the producers decided to make this private video available publicly.

I keep hoping for a new Tag Team match from Wrestler4Hire or any other underground video producer. While these two-on-one matches scratch my itch for unfair double-teaming, I still crave the psychology behind the two-against-two match. I like seeing and thinking about the fourth participant, forced to watch from the far corner as his (beloved) partner is decimated.

The producers probably figure there is no point in paying a fourth participant to essentially stand outside the ropes and shout “Hey you cheaters — only one of you is allowed in the ring at a time!” But for me, that outside partner and his emotions and reactions are a big turn-on.

Maybe when they’re filming a Handicap Match, they could invite one of us super-fans to portray the Outside Partner for free. The super-fan could even provide the costumes for himself and his Face-in-Peril partner, with the understanding that he will just stay outside the ropes, bitching about all the cheating and reaching desperately for a tag without ever entering the fray.

It wouldn’t cost them anything, many super-fans would get a big kick out of it, and the style and gimmickry of Tag Team wrestling could be presented.

All of the participants have great bodies, making it difficult to get through the match in one viewing. Wes and Caleb are thick, beefy, and sweaty, whereas Ace is lean, smooth, and beautifully proportioned. I’m glad this video was made and I’m glad I decided to purchase it.

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4 Responses to Handicap Match

  1. Phil says:

    Ace is perfect as the face here. Perfect body! Caleb and Wes are terrific beefy heels. I love these one-sided matches, and the final photo is tremendous. Thanks!!

  2. Dr. L says:

    I don’t usually go for 2-on-1 matches, but I’m a big Ace fan so I went for it. Glad I did. Any match that starts out with Caleb already in full sweat is okay with me. I agree–I’d like to see a 2-on-2 tag with these competitors +1–but this is a hot watch. A sweaty, helpless, and desperately hurting Ace on the mat is worth every penny!

  3. Guy LeBuff says:

    Haha why does the guy wearing the stars and stripes trunks always get turned into the jobber huh? It’s like destiny or something!

  4. Loveswrestlingboots says:

    Boot kissing?? I am going to have to buu it just for that