Four Meetings, Four Beatings

I had so much fun making my “Hot Manhandling” video depicting young Barry Windham being utterly destroyed by 3 Heels that I decided to do it again. This time it’s just Arn Anderson in the Heel role, dominating Barry Windham in a series of four matches from the late 80’s, early 90’s.

As usual in these videos, I’ve stripped Windham of all his offense, all of his Hope Spots, all of his moments of control. I left him at the mercy of the brutal Arn Anderson. I wanted it to seem like a single squash match where Arn just owned his suffering jobber for 13+ minutes. I must have a sadistic streak because I really enjoy doing this to the blond buckaroo in his short speedos and tall cowboy boots. I’ve posted my Arn vs. Barry compilation match on YouTube if you want to check it out.

For someone who’s into the Suffering Baby-Face gimmick, these four matches are a wet dream. Both of these studs are experienced wrestling icons and they have great chemistry together. Both played their roles to perfection — especially during the moments I included in my Manhandling video when Barry was rag-dolled and Heel Arn was on offense.

Barry was such a vulnerable youngster early in his career, willing to emasculate himself by acting submissive and exhausted for most of his time in the ring, willing to let every beefy Heel molest and dominate him. And there was nothing Arn enjoyed more than molesting and dominating — especially when his victim was young, smooth, and pretty like Barry Windham.

For the history buffs in my audience, below is a chart showing the date of these matches and a little summary of the abuse Arn inflicts in each. Boy, he sure was into trunk-pulling back in 1987…


Barry’s Trunks

Arn’s Trunks

Primary Offense
9/5/87 Black Red Trunk Pull, Hair Pull, Stomping, Irish Whip, Thrown Out, Manager Attack, Suplex
9/12/87 Black Black Trunk Pull, Hair Pull, Headscissor, Thrown Out, Arm Work, Kick/Stomp, Gut Work, Body Scissor, Brain Buster
11/2/91 Red White Hair Pull, Headscissor, Thrown Out, Arm Work, Rope Leverage, Gut Work
6/6/92 Black White/Red Thrown Out, Manager Attack, Back Work, Leg Work, Body Slam, Stomping

So check out my Arn vs. Barry video when you’re in the mood for some hot and relentless punishment inflicted by one of the most powerful Heels ever on one of the best Suffering Baby-Faces ever.

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2 Responses to Four Meetings, Four Beatings

  1. outfitter says:

    Who couldn’t get off watching an Arn Anderson match? Guys who never faced him before probably wished they’d chosen a different career path. Guys who had would have been tempted to say ‘Uncle’ as soon as the opening bell sounded! I always thought he would have been a prototypical fullback in football. Then when I learned Arn was actually about 6’1 (instead of 5’9 or 5’10), I changed that to linebacker! Loved the video toward the very end where Anderson is beating Windham with his own title belt…nothing more humiliating for a wrestler than that, but a real treat for twisted fans like us!

  2. Phil says:

    Terrific gallery……my favorite heel and my favorite baby-face. (who later was a great heel). And did they have CHEMISTRY!!This is like a master class. BTW……I loved when they both wore black