Pong Revival

For several years, I followed a YouTube channel called Pong Pagong, which posted great wrestling jobber matches from all around the world. Many of the videos were compilations edited down to the sexiest and most erotic moments of each match. But after posting a video on June 11, 2017 called “Punishing the muscle jobbers part 1,” the channel went silent, the uploads stopped. When would we see part 2?, I wondered.

But on May 17, 2020 — after nearly 3 years of inactivity — a new video clip called “Jobber destroys” appeared on the Pong Pagong channel. It was very brief, just 22 seconds, but it featured a handsome Heel in green trunks bending and beating a flexible little muscle jobber in an orange speedo. It gave me hope that one of my favorite YouTubers is back!

Then, two days later, Pong Pagong posted a longer video called “Alexander Hammerstone turn jobber.” Big Hammerstone, whom I’ve blogged about in the past in his Heel role, is now being jobbed out by Gangrel — a big ugly vampire who used to wrestle in the WWE (which renders him unbeatable on the Indy scene…)

Many of the holds used to torture Hammerstone tend to bend and twist his muscular, flexing body. In this Abdominal Stretch, Gangrel even pulls up the trunks to reveal that glute for us:

Then, less than a week later, Pong Pagong posted my favorite video in his new series. It’s called “Helpless Muscle Hunks destroys by heavyweight monsters.” It’s 5 minutes of the good old Fat > Muscle trope.

Check out the big brute holding his spectacular victim by the waistband of his trunks, just manhandling him like a toy. It’s great!

On May 26, Pong Pagong amped up the queer vibe with a sexy video called “Japanese Pro Wrestler turn erotic.” This video shows an apparently gay wrestling duo enacting Public Displays of Affection in the ring. It seems Japanese fans are very tolerant and accepting of alternative sexual preferences by their wrestling heroes.

Their Tag Team match includes lots of punishment for this studly wrestler and lots of ball-grabbing by his long-haired partner. In the end, the two young lovers cap off their victory as follows:

Later in the same video, the young dude with the amazing physique boldly performs a Bridge Pin clad only in a thong…

The next video posted by Pong Pagong, called “Latino muscle hunk gets squashed“, depicts a swole stud with a dragon tattoo in a series of squash matches, repeatedly punished by a progression of brutal Heels.

A short 16-second video posted on May 27th depicts some sadistic “Chest chops” in the corner of the ring.

I am happy to see Pong Pagong back in action, making his clip videos to introduce hunky wrestlers I haven’t seen before. He’s got a good eye for in-ring suffering by over-whelmed victims. Welcome back and keep up the great work!

Another video he posted on May 27 featured some Tag Team action performed by hunks in trunks, which is my particular favorite kind of match:

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  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVE it ALL…THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!