Locked Down With My Wrestlers

I got a really hot e-mail the other day from the guy who runs Wrestler4Hire, which included the above image among others. Actually, we all probably received the same e-mail — it was his regular update on what videos W4H has recently posted. Here is what his e-mail said that tickled my fancy:

Stay Locked Down With My Wrestlers!

A few of you have asked how much content I have stored up while most of us are staying at home. A reason I filmed so much? I have months of matches coming your way!
Hot submissions, sweaty muscle, and plenty of studs!
You need to stay safe. So, spend time with my wrestlers! They are waiting for you!

Just imagine being locked down with these studs, like Scrappy and Drew Harper! Wowie! Say none of us are sick, but nobody can leave the condo (with a wrestling ring in the basement.) What fun we would have together! This was a very effective sales pitch, because I quickly downloaded the Scrappy vs. Drew match so I could fantasize about being “locked down” with them.

These guys, with their spectacular bodies and skimpy Look At My Dick bikinis — it’s like too good to be true. Especially Scrappy — I’m really falling for him and his expressive eyes and big pecs. The Ringside at Skull Island blogger recently posted a beautiful essay singing the praises of this “masterpiece” and why he is special:

Scrappy exists beyond categories like heel and babyface. He has a nasty and sadistic side, but he looks like an angel in a children’s bible story.

Yeah, exactly, Scrappy is like an angel in a children’s bible story! Ringside nailed it with that description. (And by the way, they didn’t want us to have impure thoughts. They didn’t want us to turn out homo-sexual. So then why did they depict the male angels in our storybooks as impossibly beautiful specimens with pretty faces and swole physiques?? Huh? Why is that?! It wasn’t fair — how could we NOT have developed feelings for angelic dudes like Scrappy??)

Anyway, Scrappy plays Baby-Face for most of the match and, spoiler, is forced to submit to Drew’s crushing Scissors, Headlocks and Chokes. There is quite a bit of nipple-pinching and hair pulling, even some tickling. It’s not really a pro style match, more of a back-and-forth struggle on the mat between aggressive play-mates — but these two hunks could’ve been playing Tiddly-Winks in their thin little micro-fiber briefs and I’d be a satisfied customer.

This is one of those videos where the hardest part about writing up a recap is deciding what images to leave out, because there are so many gorgeous and boner-popping scenes. It’s very pretty.

The second hardest part is getting all the way through the match without getting too worked up and needing to take a break, repeatedly. Drew’s Cradle-Leg-Scissor combo shown below (which also happens to be the image used to promote this match in the W4H e-mail) is where I had to take my first break. I couldn’t help it — Scrappy started making these little whimpering, groaning noises when Drew clamped on with his strong legs:

But let me get back to why Wrestler4Hire’s e-mail promoting this match worked so effectively on me. It’s because he promised, not only many more great videos like this in his archives to see us through the famine, but also personal contact with the wrestlers (with personal contact being something many of us can’t have during isolation.) He invites us to: spend time with my wrestlers! They are waiting for you!” Fuck yeah, I’d love to.

I recall pro wrestling shows on television in the 1970’s and 80’s used to make promises similar to this, to fuck with our heads a bit and inspire us to tune in. The announcer, Gordon Solie or whoever, would say something like: “We’re bringing you this exciting wrestling action each week, right into your living room…” I wish it were happening right in my living room!

And my perverted brain would then picture Barry Windham in his little black trunks and cowboy boots sprawled across our love-seat, or maybe Tully Blanchard shirtless down on the rug next to mom’s potted plant, scissoring Tommy Angel or maybe Tommy Rogers even! Little comments like that, promising to bring these wrestlers right to my house, are come-ons, like a sleazy wink, like verbally flashing somebody. It got me charged up when I was a tween, and it still got me charged up the other day when I received W4H’s provocative e-mail.

These two guys are just spectacular and they’ve got great chemistry. In fact, you can see them wrestle each other again, presumably more recently than this match from W4H’s archives, on the new Weekend Wrestling streaming site.

In that video, Drew Harper, still in his trademark white gear, is giving Scrappy a massage. Scrappy tells him that his massage technique sucks, and that’s enough provocation to get them in the ring together. Here is a sexy clip from the Weekend Wrestling match:

And we see that Scrappy has shaved off his trademark black mane of wild hair which made him look so angelic! Maybe he was tired of Drew (and others) constantly pulling it. Or maybe he wants to signal that he’s grown up now — no longer the curly-haired and playful pretty-boy, but now a no-nonsense Real Man to be respected and feared.

Ringside at Skull Island speculated about this transition, this coming of age for young Scrappy, in his article, mentioned above:

In some respects, he’s a perennial rookie – accumulating years of experience but still projecting a naive approach to the combat situations he’s thrust into. Will he ever become a veteran? I imagine so, but I can’t imagine it.

I think shaving off his hair is Scrappy’s announcement (along with his new nickname: “Prince Adonis”) that he’s grown now and we better show him the respect he deserves.

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5 Responses to Locked Down With My Wrestlers

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Great write up. I love Drew’s body and Scrappy is a legend in our time.

    One aside. All wrestling company owners need to send a note to all their shaggy and long-haired wrestlers: “If you’re going to cut off your hair, do it for our cameras! We will pay you extra for a loser gets his luscious locks cut off match stipulation!”

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    I can not stop hating Harper´s bulge!

  3. Mangler says:

    Alex is so right!! Loser gets shaved was always a favorite match. Of course. The face HAD to lose and usually by cheating!!

  4. Phil says:

    I love Scrappy’s shaved-head look. The final shot is priceless. Great job!!

  5. Sean Pford says:

    Losing the hair handle might indicate a switch away from jobberdom (*sad sigh*), but of course Scrappy’s beautiful either way.