Ace High

One of the YouTube channels I get off on quite a bit is called “daniel korn.” The owner of the channel, who I’m guessing is named Daniel Korn, has great taste in wrestlers and posts the sorts of videos that make me glad I lived long enough to witness the Internet, YouTube, and streaming videos.

Lately the daniel korn channel has been posting a bunch of Ace Austin videos and I love it. I’m a big Ace Austin fan for sure. I like his bod, I like his snug, bulging trunks. I don’t love his odd haircut, but I love his wrestling skills. I always enjoy seeing one of Our Guys — a guy who performed for us in Underground wrestling videos — realize their dreams and make it in mainstream wrestling.

Here are some images from his two matches against a big blond bruiser named Matt Kenway from the daniel korn spank-bank…

One aspect of these Ace Austin Indy matches that tickled my fancy was the frequent pans of his trunk region — the lingering close-ups on his ballsack and taint. I swear I haven’t seen this much footage of Ace Austin’s nether regions since his days in Underground wrestle-porn.

Is the camera-man perhaps just as interested in Ace’s cock-bulge as I am? It seems like we are back in about 2012 when the WWE photographers made a point of filming the heft and girth of every spread-eagled cock in trunks. Maybe one of the former WWE camera men was let go for always zooming in on their dicks and is now filming for the Indy promotions??

Another Ace Austin video on the daniel korn channel shows him wrestling against this big bearded hottie — Daniel Eads, shown above flexing his guns after nearly snapping my poor Ace in half. Then he puts my boy in a Dragon Sleeper — always a favorite:

But the hottest Ace Austin match on the daniel korn channel has to be the sexy beating he takes from a flamboyant pretty-boy named Steve Fierce, who I’ve recently learned also has done the Underground videos we love enough to pay for. Understanding the sexual implications of wrestling, Fierce takes every opportunity to bump and grind between moves.

We see Fierce relentlessly sexualizing the situation when he is in control, treating his position of dominance as an aphrodesiac and equating wrestling with fucking. As a teen, I always wondered how pro wrestlers avoided getting boners in the ring (because the moment one of my buds wanted to rough-house with me, I’d find myself hard as a steel rod.) It seems Steve Fierce doesn’t want to avoid getting a hard-on — he is repeatedly bumping and grinding to rub it against the fabric of his trunks.

For me, this suggestive match is blurring that thin gray line between “mainstream” pro wrestling in front of a crowd and “Underground” wrestle-porn. Here we have two nearly-naked scrappers who both have performed in Underground videos intended to be homo-erotic. The camera keeps focusing on their sexiest bits as they pantomime like they’re banging. How many fans in the audience, I wonder, even realize that the performance they’re watching is exactly the sort of content that many guys would pay to view, download, and jack off to?

The best thing about Ace Austin may be his ability to make his opponents look like a million bucks. Look how he supports his opponent, literally, so the dude can steal the show, titillate the audience, and inject some flavor into the performance. Keep an eye on Ace Austin — he is a huge talent. Also keep an eye on the daniel korn channel — the videos he posts are perhaps more arousing than some of the videos we pay for.

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4 Responses to Ace High

  1. Dino says:

    Is Steve Fierce also Zip Zarella on BG East? The tattoos look very similar.

  2. Phil says:

    Ace really knows the business. And what a body. His ass is incredible. You’re right that he makes opponents look good. Great post!!

  3. admin says:

    Dino, I looked up Zip Zarella on BG East and you”re right, Fierce is Zarella. So it seems BOTH guys in this match have done Underground matches. I will correct my write-up. You know, it seems like it was scandalous a few years ago for pro wrestlers to have wrestle-porn videos in their pasts, but now it’s becoming quite common (further blurring the line between “straight” wrestling and explicitly queer wrestling…)

  4. Dino says:

    Thank you for confirming that they are the same individual. On Bg East Zip has won and lost but looks hot either way.