A Lot of Sexual Holds

One of my favorite Tumblr sites is Piledrive U. It is updated frequently with lots of hot wrestling images — the blogger really has great taste and loves masculine themes of domination and power. The images in today’s article are taken from recent Piledrive U posts recapping the Muscleboy Wrestling match between Logan Cross and Taylor Reign from way back in MBW Catalog #2.

Like so many Tumblr users, the Piledrive U webmaster is growing tired of the ongoing censorship and lack of customer support by Tumblr and is sadly getting ready to shut down his awesome Tumblr page this week. It may already be gone by the time you see this, and it will be greatly missed.

If he throws in the towel, I will greatly miss Piledrive U’s provocative and arousing captions that describe his images, using that salacious and manly tone you might hear in a dive bar, factory, or locker room.

As a fellow writer of captions, I know how hard it can be to think of something witty, jocular, or stimulating to say, so I really appreciate his caption game. The captions in today’s article are written by me (except for the very first image), but if you follow Piledrive U on Tumblr, you know how enticing it feels to read what he wrote.

Here is what Piledrive U posted recently about Tumblr:

Goodbye Tumblr

I can’t put up with all this censorship anymore. When I post, it gets flagged. When I appeal, it gets denied with no explanation…

This is censorship and homophobia. I won’t be a part of it. Download whatever pictures you want because I’m killing the site next week.

The MBW video of Taylor Reign dominating Logan Cross is a big turn-on — I purchased it back in 2017 when it first went on sale and have enjoyed it a dozen times at least. MBW was still very new when this match debuted, so we were still getting familiar with the tone, style, and plot direction of MBW matches.

So when I first saw Taylor pausing the match to start kissing pretty-boy Logan at several points, I recall being very triggered by that (in the good way.) I even created my own edited version of the video where the kissing scenes repeat a few times, drawing them out into passionate mid-match make-out sessions. I’m not sure why I enjoy kissing in the middle of a wrestling match so much — I’m just a weirdo I guess, but the heart wants what it wants.

And before I forget, there was also this really sweet Backwards Scissor by Logan Cross, when he tried to fight back for like 8 seconds. It’s a fairly famous moment among viewers who enjoy this style of rasslin…

Another aspect of this match that triggered me (again, in the good way) was how Taylor Reign just assumed the right to grope his opponent anywhere. He thinks that, if you’re beating a guy in wrestling, you have free reign (see what I did there?) to just pinch a nipple or rest a palm on his ballsack or whatever you want to do.

This is an aspect of traditional, mainstream pro wrestling that always catches my eye — how comfortable the opponents are with touching the other guy’s body. Wrestler A will circle one arm around Wrestler B’s waist, or reach a hand between his thighs to lift him, or slip fingers into his waistband, or grip his bicep as he locks on a Headlock.

I always found the pro wrestlers’ License to Touch to be very provocative and sensual, as if, when I’m wrestling you, your body becomes my possession (and mine belongs to you too just as much), so we feel free to touch any body part at any time, yours or mine, its all one.

So I want to acknowledge all the great work Piledrive U has done on Tumblr and thank him for staying in the fight as long as he did against the dreaded Algorithm and all of its censoring powers. I’ve especially enjoyed the photo essays like this one of Taylor vs. Logan — very inspirational to me as a fellow blogger.

If Piledrive U does shut down his Tumblr, hopefully he will re-appear soon on some other platform or provider, so we can continue enjoying his great eye for wrestling images and his caption-writing skills. We need his voice and more like him in the wrestling blog-o-sphere!

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3 Responses to A Lot of Sexual Holds

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Yeah, I love PiledriveU but I get it. There’s a double standard on all these services (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr) towards gay content where it’s all treated as adult content.

    My favorite part of PiledriveU was the Ask content where he’d share stories and answer questions. Always hot.

  2. Phil says:

    How incredibly hot is the Kiss of Death??!! Woof!!

  3. outfitter says:

    I agree with the criticism leveled at Tumblr since its new policy kicked in back in December, 2018. I loved the commentary and photos and GIFS provided at Piledrive U. Well, I guess we’ll only have memories of what was. It was good while it lasted, eh?