More Of What You’re Searching For

I can’t believe it has been three years since I posted one of my infamous โ€œMore of What Youโ€™re Searching Forโ€œ galleries.   This is where I find inspiration in the search terms that people entered in Google or other search engines to find this blog (which I can view using my website’s “Traffic Statistics” admin tool).

I then post images from my archives that match whatever term each horn-dog was searching for. It’s a fun little challenge for me, and it lets you know what kinks your fellow wrestle-pervs are getting off on these days. So let’s see how closely I can deliver “what you’re searching for”…

ace owens muscle pics

I’m not sure if these qualify as “muscle pics” but at least they’re of Ace Owens…

the masked saint pro wrestler

This person may have been searching for images of the old school Luchador named “El Santo” — which means “The Saint.” However, I also posted a three-part recap of a Pay-Per-View movie I watched back in 2016 called The Masked Saint, so I’m going with that one. You can view Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of my film review in my series of articles titled “Saintly or Sexy?

jobber wrestler bulge

big bulges at arsenal

Wow, more than one of you perverts seem to want to look at big bulges. OK here are a few images focused on jobbers with protruding nut-sacks:

headscissors face in butt

embarrassing headscissors

trying to escape headscissors

I always get lots of searches for “Headscissors” — and I don’t blame you. It’s a hot fuckin hold…

stomach sitting school boy pin

While working to fulfill this request, I discovered an entire Tumblr site dedicated solely to the Schoolboy Pin. It’s called “MEN SCHOOLBOY PIN at I love it! Check it out for sure if you’re into sit pins — it’s where I found the following images…

randy orton a baddie

a jobbers pain?

Yes. A jobber’s pain. Why the question mark? Don’t you believe it?

pretty boy jobber sleeper hold

Every month, I get at least one searcher who is craving Sleepers. You horn-dogs just can’t get enough of this hold!

wrestling aresenal piledriver

That ain’t how you spell “arsenal” but I’ll give you the Piledrivers you’re searching for anyway.

gay wrestling victory poses

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One Response to More Of What You’re Searching For

  1. Brandon says:

    Oh wow ….. amazing post and pictures as always! I love all of the hot search terms that guys have used to find your site. I must admit I have used most of them myself. Well except for where to store your jobber when your not using him. ๐Ÿ™‚