It’s Not My Fault

I am sorry to be posting another “Rando Rasslin Rumination” gallery so soon after my last one, but it’s really not my fault. I can’t help it if you guys keep posting and sharing so many amazing wrestling photos and animations on social media. You know I’m weak but you keep teasing me with all this fantastic, enticing wrestle-porn. I just can’t resist looking at your work, getting all turned on by it, downloading it, and re-posting it here. If you would all stop sharing such amazing images, I could scale back my posts on here…

And the same is true of my fellow bloggers’ work — it’s not my fault that their posts are so well done that I can’t quit them. I’m referring to Ringside, Cave, Beefcakes, He Is Out!,Inner Jobber, KSW, WR’s Screencaps, and many other great ones too numerous to list. Talk about inspiration, you other bloggers impress me every week with your amazing content, intelligent analysis, beautiful images, and well-written prose. If you would all shut down operations, then I wouldn’t be constantly triggered to blog more myself, to keep finding and writing about my own pro wrestling turn-ons.

Alex from The Cave also described this uncontrollable urge to blog about a hot wrestling match he had seen (Reno vs. Owens) in his 1/19/20 article. He meant to hold off and not post the article for a few months, however…

“My plan fell apart because Ace looks quite excited here and that excitement is apparent in the front of his tight green trunks. He’s packing from the start as he checks out Zach. His excitement led to my excitement, so it’s really Ace’s fault. I’m only a man.”

I also blame the many Big Wrestling Federations who now broadcast multi-hour television programs each week, just packed with scenes of hunky males with great bodies and minimal clothing performing in the ring. There’s gotta be about 20 hours of this mainstream wrestle-porn being shown each week on my TV. I’m looking at you WWE, NXT, Impact, AEW, and ROH. If you would stop producing so much sexy wrestling each week, then we would stop screen-capping it and commenting on it.

And my television service keeps adding more channels with more wrestling federations — like a damn drug pusher. I want to Cut The Cord to save some dough, but the pusher-man has me at his mercy, He knows I will not overdose, so he keeps increasing the quantity. He knows I’m addicted and I’m totally at his mercy.

And then there are the many fantastic Underground producers — more seem to be popping up each year until I can hardly keep up with them all. Perhaps you’ve heard of BGE, Can-Am, Cyberfights, W4H, UCW, NRW, MBW, 88W, BWN, Thunders, Spotland, Underground Wrestler, and WrestlingMale. I apologize if I forgot to name others, but it’s really not my fault — there’s more fantastic sources of Wrestle-Porn online now than I can accurately keep track of.

It’s not my fault that these producers are inside my head. They know exactly the hot moves and scenes and gear that are certain to end up on my blog. It’s not my fault that they dish out exactly what I love, exactly what I want to see, which makes their downloads absolutely irresistible to me.

It’s not even my fault that I have this odd pro wrestling fetish in the first place. It was all those studs who invaded my living room each week in their colorful eye-catching costumes, performing all their sexy, flirtatious, homo-erotic antics when I was young and impressionable, making my brain forever crave more.

I’m referring to Anderson, Blanchard, Chaz, DiBiase, Embry, Flair, Garea, Henning, Windham, Steamboat, Rude, Sawyer, Pillman, Angel, Von Erich, the other hot Von Erich, Sullivan, Doom, the Fabs, the Fantastics, the Bees, the Battens, the Rockers, the Rougeaus, the Stallions, Can-Am Connection, and Can-Am Express to name just a few of my favorites. And there are thousands more — jobbers and baby faces, tweeners and heels, and everything in between.

And now, thanks to you video uploaders on YouTube, I seem to have access to every match ever televised — an unlimited supply of exactly what I wanted and needed more of during my horniest years.

THESE WRESTLERS ALL KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO MY BRAIN, AND THEY KEPT DOING IT ANYWAY, every week acting out my fantasies, turning me into a lifelong wrestling fan and addict. It’s not my fault! I’m just a man.

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2 Responses to It’s Not My Fault

  1. Dino says:

    Definitely would not mind Scrappys junk in my face, back or front.

  2. RayAtL says:

    You are soooooo right about Gabriel… !