Mask vs. Mask — part 2

This gallery continues the story of Batman’s love affair with a mysterious Hooded Hangman from the 1966 comic book known as “Detective Comics #355.” Normally partnered with the young, submissive Boy Wonder, Batman has recently developed a taste for beefcake and begun chasing after a big swole hooded Hangman, a local pro wrestler.

After watching the spectacular Hangman in the wrestling ring, Batman has developed an obsession, cruising around Gotham City every night (leaving that pesky, cock-blocking Robin at home) hoping to find his man-crush out on the street. Each time Batman and Hangman meet up, they “tangle” like dogs in heat.

Batman has cornered his desired prey again, this time in a dark and private alley! What a great bod on this kinky masked man (whose hooded skull is often drawn to resemble a stiff veiny cock protruding from his body.)

The dick-headed Hangman informs Batman that he does not want to be “grabbed” or “yanked” (or jerked, spanked, beaten, or fapped either for that matter…)

Batman is referred to as a “manhunter” several times in this story — perhaps hinting at his tendency to stalk other dudes — especially Bad Boys like the Hangman. Batman seems determined to “arrest” the Hangman — in other words, to control, possess, and subdue him, to hold him in bondage. And the Hangman shares the same idea, wanting to grab and hold Batman, again embracing the Caped Crusader in his strange Full Nelson variation, which causes Batman’s “steely muscles… to react with tremendous power” (i.e., he popped a raging boner…)

The Hangman runs through a door and locks it behind him, symbolically rejecting and abandoning Batman and leaving him horny for more. However, the flirtatious Hangman assures Batman that they will “meet another time” — leaving our hero full of hope for another chance to “tangle.” We sense from his wistful expression that Batman is eager to be tortured in the Hangman’s Knot.

This comic touches on all the themes and scenarios that really drove me wild as a youngster and I suppose still do — pro wrestling and fighting, superheroes, muscle-men (especially if shirtless), dominance and submission, etc. The fact that the comic book is packed with this sexy, suggestive imagery — the fact that my loyal reader enjoyed the book enough to keep it in his Spank Bank for years — reveals that I may not be the only pervert with these fetishes — they seem to be fairly common and universal.

Again Batman attends the rassling show (this time in full Batman regalia, one arm draped seductively over the chair back to show off his abs). What a slut — he never acts like this around Cat Woman or Wonder Woman!

Batman is stalking the masked wrestler, wearing that sexy costume to get the Hangman’s attention. All the other men in the audience, shaded in a drab gray color, stare at Batman’s spectacular body, while Batman has eyes for only one man — the colorful Hangman — who is getting it on in the ring.

Below are a couple of the most blatantly homo-erotic panels in the comic, The Hangman approaches Batman in the front row after his match is over, his arm and fist protruding like a boner as he leans in to propose (a private match) to the Caped Crusader.

Hangman asks Batman if he is “game” and Batman assures him that he is totally game. There is nobody gamer in all of Gotham City (except perhaps Dick Grayson and Alfred the butler). Then these game boys exit the arena together like a bride and groom walking to their hotel room. The audience is shocked — they had no idea these tough men are so game. After the Hangman buzzes in his ear, we see Batman’s balled-up glove down near his crotch like a rock-hard dong.

Once they’re alone in the “privacy” of the rooftop, the foes begin to fight (i.e., to fuck) while some very excited Peeping Toms watch from their window. Now that they’re alone, they can tussle at last! Once again, Batman is delightfully over-powered by this dickhead Heel, locked in his sexy and unbeatable “Hangman’s Knot” hold.

The Hangman’s long, thick leg protrudes from between Batman’s thighs like a very impressive schlong and it appears Batman is fucked.

Then the Hangman holds up the limp and defeated victim like a toy in the iconic pose of domination that we saw on the front cover. Hangman announces to the watching men that he is “finished” with this fuck-toy — i.e., has attained orgasm and presumably so has the dozing Batman. The rectangular skyscrapers rise stiffly in the background, including one building strategically located between the Hangman’s spread-open legs.

And after finishing Batman off, the Hangman proceeds to unmask him at last — the “victor’s right” to do anything he wants to the defeated opponent. The Hangman then strips off his own mask to reveal his movie star good looks and they kiss passionately at long last. And they lived happily ever after — getting married when it became legal in Gotham City and adopting Robin as their boy.

The End

(Or perhaps Batman had cleverly disguised his face with make-up so his identity wasn’t exposed at all. The Hangman is shocked when he sees his OWN face staring back at him (like Luke Skywalker in the cave on Degobah), thereby enabling Batman to over-power and unmask the Hangman, sending the villain away in shame. )

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2 Responses to Mask vs. Mask — part 2

  1. Anon says:

    Great post! It brings me nostalgia for the early days of my superhero fetish while watching my cartoons. It always got me hot and bothered seeing superheroes, whom are supposed to be symbols of purest masculinity, be stripped of their strength and left submissive and vulernerable. Especially, when the hero is violated by the villain through the act of being forcibly unmasking them.

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    I ve always hated BatmanĀ“s groin