Trunks Appreciation Society

Apparently, one of my loyal readers really misses my old Trunks Appreciation Society series.  He recently sent me the following email:

“Hello Arsenal…just wondering if you’re going to do another Trunks Appreciation Society post?

It’s been over 2 years since the last one, and recently, I’ve developed a thing for seeing big, burly guys giving their ring attire a real workout as it concerns the stretchability of their material!”

“The three standouts for me are Rampage Brown, Keith Walker, and Anthony Bravado.  Bravado gave up wrestling about 8 or 9 years ago to focus on becoming a professional body builder.  He used to wrestle mostly in red or blue speedos…”

I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about Anthony Bravado, but I wish I would’ve back when he was active in wrestling.  What a nice thicc physique — and those big nipples!

The Beefcakes of Wrestling blog, who never misses a trick, was of course all over Bravado and blogged about him at least 20 times.

“Keith Walker is not active as far as I know (last match listed was in 2014).   He looked especially good wearing his black trunks in a match against Darin Corbin.


“Rampage Brown is still active on the UK wrestling scene.  He usually wears an orange and black pair of trunks.  Each of these guys really know how to fill out a pair of trunks and pack a bunch of beef inside their gear!”

While we’re on the subject of appreciating trunks, let me post some more great Trunks Appreciation Society images that I recently stumbled upon while browsing Social Media.

Many of today’s images align with my reader’s appreciation for “big, burly guys giving their ring attire a real workout” — including this amazing photo of a hairy-chested Dash Wilder.

Some other images posted today may not feature the biggest, burliest of guys, but I enjoyed them anyway and felt compared to download and share them.  Enjoy, gear fans!

Angel Garza — formerly known as Garza Junior — always rocks the very best and most revealing little trunks.  His gimmick is to wear long pants into the ring, and during his Baby-Face Shine phase, rip off those pants to reveal colorful little trunks to the delight of the audience.  That’s when his Face-in-Peril phase usually begins.

In a couple pf days, I’ll be posting a recap of one of Garza’s recent beat-downs (a brief one-sided squash delivered by Tomasso Ciampa on last week’s episode of NXT).  Garza will be wearing a white speedo for that torture scene.  Stay tuned, wrestling fans!

What episode of Trunks Appreciation Society would be complete without some Joey Ryan?  This hairy show-off really “gets” the appeal of spandex on a manly rassler body, flirting with us shamelessly to drive us wild with excitement.  Unfff.

Of course, Joey is just being silly, right?  He’s lampooning the douchey, flirtatious male show-offs who try to flaunt their sexuality.  We’re supposed to be laughing at Joey, not boning up, right??

I’m not sure who these bald hunks are, but I believe they meet my reader’s criteria for big, burly guys who really know how to fill out a pair of trunks.

So many great wrestlers to enjoy these days, so little time!

In my caption, I imply that I want Jordan to procure better-fitting trunks.  Actually, full disclosure, I don’t want him to do that at all.

Dragon Lee is another well-dressed Luchador whom I recently fell in lust with.

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4 Responses to Trunks Appreciation Society

  1. outfitter says:

    Thanks for posting these great pics…now THAT’S the way to start a work week!

  2. JR says:

    Always a fan of the Trunks Appreciation Society! Any clue about the names of those studs in pink in the last photo? They are both fucking hot, especially the one on the left with those pouty lips.

  3. Alex Miller says:

    Awesome to see this return!

    Angel Garza looks even better from behind, especially in white. Can’t wait to see what you pull together.

  4. Dr.Fever says:

    100% agree, Chad Gable swapping his singlet for trunks was the best recent thing to happen in wrestling!