Here’s The Beef


I found another wrestling-focused Tumblr I’m greatly enjoying called Beefy Grappler — check it out.

The images in today’s articles are from this excellent Tumblr which focuses on hot manly wrestlers in trunks and boots, classic holds, suffering, and other assorted wrestle porn.


Beefy Grappler posts plenty of dirty cheating images (which I love) — tons of eye gouging and hair pulling and even some cruel Double-Teaming (see above photo.)  It’s a turn-on knowing I’m not the only dude who gets hard looking at this brutal, campy, unfair imagery.


Beefy Grappler also has a thing for pro-style boots — another wrestling fetish we agree on.  Many of his photos are close-ups with the tall laced-up boots front and center.

Good suffering, and a nice bulge — this is typical of the hot images found on the Beefy Grappler Tumblr site.  It’s also typical of the wrestling magazine photos I grew up on — freezing the action in these dramatic moments of agony and dominance.

I wonder if Beefy Grappler is around my age and also grew up getting horny over those trashy old magazines and the suggestive and provocative images of man-on-man violence?  That might explain why the images he likes to post are so similar to the images I like to post.


To continue our Piledriver theme from the past couple of galleries, here are a pair of beefy grapplers about to be spiked on their heads by their fellow beefy grapplers.  Add “Piledrivers” to the long list of wrestling turn-ons that I share with Beefy Grappler.

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4 Responses to Here’s The Beef

  1. mj says:

    rampage brown…doesn’t get any hotter then him!!!!!!

  2. Dino says:

    Who is the first guy in the lineup picture? Very good looking man. Thank you for finding this new resource.

  3. rob aka BIGBOOTS says:

    Heh, so good to see you paying ‘homage’ to guys in boots. (‘Beefy Grappler also has a thing for pro-style boots — another wrestling fetish we agree on.’) . As you know Im one that likes the big booted guys — with a bit of pulled up sock showing.
    Here’s a challenge. How many other readers out there are boot and sock fetish hounds?
    I give WA full credit , since he helped me put together my fetish piece in Jan … I ‘ve noticed a lot more cool shots and admissions about liking the big boots!!!!

  4. W.R. says:

    Hey guys, I think you might enjoy my first post dedicated to boots.