By Request: Wrestling Ball Busting

In response to my series on “What You’re Searching For…”, I received the following comment:

“I found your site thought My search was “wrestling ballbusting,” which basically is a form of wrestling and getting hit in the balls.

I’ve been trying to find sites with more “Low-blows, ball-squeezing submissions, male humiliated by their balls, etc…”

I see that you cater to your viewers. So this was just a simple request as a new fan of your site. If possible, thanks many!”

I said it before and I’ll say it again…  We aim to please here at the old Wrestling Arsenal Blog!  So here are some images I picked out special for the newest fan of my website — featuring the dreaded Nutcracker Sweet.

If pro wrestling is about dominating another man — rendering him helpless and under your control — then I suppose ball busting is the ultimate attack, the fastest way to drop a guy to his knees, utterly unable to fight back or resist you.

I think ball-busting also appeals to some wrestling fans because of the psycho-sexual implications — the apparent cancellation or destruction of the victim’s manhood.  He is emasculated, his identity and potency as a male totally taken away.  Losing a wrestling match is humiliating enough, but being publicly castrated by a dominant man is far more degrading.

Is that why some guys like to see ball-busting in a wrestling match, or am I off the mark?

One popular pro wrestling move is the “Atomic Drop”, where the wrestler is lifted by his opponent and dropped crotch-first down across the knee.  The announcers would point out that this maneuver perhaps injures the spine or lower back, but I believe the intention of the Atomic Drop was clear — to bust his balls and leave him in the fetal position grabbing his crotch in pain.

In this match, Terry Taylor wears eye-catching red trunks which become the focus of the camera and the focus of his opponent’s attacks.

Taylor (a jobber at heart) spreads his legs wide apart as he is set up for the dreaded Atomic Drop, willing exposing his manhood to the upcoming assault, the painful slam down on the other man’s thigh.

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13 Responses to By Request: Wrestling Ball Busting

  1. Brian says:

    What comic is that picture from?

  2. S/c says:

    the best move ever

  3. Bruno says:

    Awesome!! I totally enojoy ball busting on wretling matches. I believe that youre on the right track as far as why we as males like ball busting. I also find it very erotic to see muscle men with big balls getting their cojones smashed by another guy. the reaction is and pain is priceless. 😛
    keep the pictures coming.
    Btw, i have some of my collection. email me to know where to send you them. that way you can add them to your site!!

  4. MIKE says:

    I’m with YOU, Bruno. Crotch shots in the wrestling ring…YES!!!! Nothing gets my own ‘boys’ aroused as much as seeing a big, muscular jobber stud getting his bulging groin sadistically abused by a hot, hulking, masked heel. It could be the big bad guy’s heavy black boot stomping down upon the pretty muscle jobbers tender nads – tenderizing them just a little bit more. Or…it could be the good guy, pretty boy, gym bunny jobber suddenly experiencing his own “HEEL MOMENT” in which he traps the sadistic, towering, masked muscle heel in a TREE OF WOE position in the corner of the ring, backs up into the opposite corner, bends down, and then bolts across the ring surface, violently ramming his bent knee deep into the big heel’s exposed, vulnerable groin. YES!!! YES!!! Payback’s a bitch! But it sure can be ‘LOADS’ of fun, watching a wrestler writhe about upon the floor of the ring, rendered mute in grimacing agony as he clutches what’s left of his nads after having had his bulging groin area mercilessly ravaged by his opponent! THAT’s what I’m looking for! MORE LOW BLOWS!!!

  5. Matt Steiner says:

    I agree with you DUDES! Payback is a bitch! Nothing worse/hotter than a big nasty bruiser heel bulldogging your ass into the corner staring into your eyes, digging down deep pulling your trunks up and surprising you with a nasty knee into your balls. The quick strike of his beefy knee cap swiftly jamming into your speedo, driving your balls up, hard into your bod. Takes your breath away, the momentary black out and rush of air out of your lungs, as your legs wobble beneath you, barely able to sustain your weight. The ensuing stomach ache and gut churning pain that follows and the realization that the tables are turned.

  6. Carlos says:

    Very hot to see the athletic young hero get low blowed and owned by a nasty dirty fighting heel in a prowrestling match. Its an easy way for a lower, older or less fit fighter to use little effort and cause huge damage to the superior rival. Great for turning tables on the winning champion! (have a cool group about it if you want to check it out )

  7. Bruno says:

    Thats awesome guys. Makes me uber glad to see there are more like me into ballbusting hunks. HaHA!
    Drop me a line to my email if any would like to exchange pics.

  8. alphamaledestroyer says:

    yesssssss!!!!!!!! the pain and destruction of the testicles and penis is the ultimate pleasue to watch, the cancellation or destruction of the victim’s manhood, the lost of his identity and potency as a male is the BEST IN THIS UNIVERSE

  9. Tony says:

    Awesome pics!! Can u pls upload some videos?

  10. Dexter says:

    Carlos, if you are reading, what happened to your great group GoodBoysBallbustedbyBadGuys?

  11. Allen says:

    Carlos, Yahoo says your group doesn’t exist. Has your group a new e-address?
    Comment on the low blows presentation:
    Obviously ball-busting and low blows are very popular Wrestling moves. So why have we so few examples of them shown here? Many, many more would be appreciated.

  12. Carlos says:

    Hi Dexter, tanks but sadly it no longer exists :S

    my mail is

    I have some new stories and pics to share if u like


  13. Dexter says:

    Hi Carlos,
    i sent an email to you a few days ago. Hope you’ll write me back. Thanx!
    By the way, the image with the comment: “It doesn’t take much to hurt a man once you have him trapped in the Tree of Woe” is sooo funny! 😀