Triple Play

The latest catalog #15 from Muscleboy Wrestling (released on 8/1/19) includes the first “Three Way Dance” ever performed by MBW.

Taylor Reign and Jesse Zane (Team Reign-Zane?) sort of team up against hard-body Ethan Slade.  At least at the beginning.

I’ve watched a lot of Three-Way Dances in indy pro wrestling and the only ones that really trip my trigger are when two of the guys join forces to dominate the third guy.  It’s so unfair, but probably perfectly legal, so they can keep right on double-teaming the guy and it’s all within the rules.

Anyway, the 2-on-1 action is what prompted me to order this download.

Ethan is seen playing on his phone in the ring, basically ignoring the other two studs who share an intimate moment (perhaps some tongue wrestling) as they agree to join forces.

Ethan deserves his fate — what a dumb Millenial!   He ought to put down his phone and pay attention, said every old X-Genner ever.


What a body on this Ethan Slade — Yumm Meee!  Maybe the reason the other two dudes decided to gang up on him is not because he was rudely ignoring them, but because he’s so muscular and ripped that they’re afraid he could over-power them individually.

I’ve watched enough pro wrestling to know that the prettiest guy with the hardest body is usually assigned the Face-in-Peril role.  Poor pretty-boy Ethan is destined to suffer throughout his wrestling career, I’m sure.

I appreciate his pro-style trunks with the Old School stars on them.  I’ve got a thing for stars pasted or printed on wrestling gear (a common motif from the 1970’s when I first discovered that pro wrestling is a turn-on), so thanks Ethan for wearing those trunks and checking that box in the pleasure center of my brain.

Team Reign-Zane apply the classic two-on-one Row Boat maneuver, trying to split Ethan in two, or maybe just rip off his arms and legs.  This is another a nice call-back to the early days of pro rasslin’ mayhem and public torture.

As described on the web page for this match, Taylor Reign in the orange trunks “dictates the action through most of this contest.”

I’ve seen Taylor portray both the helpless jobber and the dominant Alpha stud in his Wrestle-Porn career.  I greatly enjoyed seeing Taylor reign over the other two submissive wimps in this match — telling them what to do, kissing them whenever he feels like it, and generally man-handling them.

For example, here Taylor rests a controlling hand on Ethan’s chest and announces that he and Jesse will now apply a Double-Suplex.  He says it right in front of their victim, who apparently can do nothing to stop them.  That is pretty ballsy and hot, to tell an opponent what you’re going to do next to him, and then just go and do it.

There are plenty of make-out scenes in this match, where Taylor will just pause the wrestling for a minute so he can get intimate with either Jesse or Ethan (or both.)  Then go back to hurting them.

These guys are no strangers by the way, which may be why they so readily give and accept these PDAs with each other.  Taylor wrestled Jesse three times before: in Catalog 1, Catalog 2, and Catalog 6.  Also Taylor wrestled Ethan in Catalog 3.  And you guessed it — Ethan wrestled Jesse in Catalog 2 and Catalog 7.  So just like any pro wrestling federation with a limited number of guys on the roster, everybody’s been with everybody before.

I really enjoyed this scene where Jesse applied a Headscissor on Ethan so Taylor could abuse his nuts and kick him in the ribs a few times.  The vibe is nice and brutal and unfair and pro wrestley. In my younger days, I recall fantasizing about a Heel wrestler named the Kissing Bandit, who would kiss his opponents to weaken them, perhaps using his stronger lungs to suck the oxygen out of them.  Or maybe he had applied a sleeping potion on his lips like Poison Ivy always does to Batman to subdue and weaken him.  Or maybe they were just too aroused and excited to resist him.


(Hey, don’t judge me — we all had to invent odd, kinky fantasizes like these before we had Wrestle-Porn available 24/7!)

Anyway, Taylor Reign may be the embodiment of the Kissing Bandit of my fantasies.  He works these Lip-Locks seamlessly into his arsenal of moves.  And each time he plants one on his opponent, the dude just melts for him, going suddenly limp and submissive.

Eventually Jesse and Taylor realize they can’t work together as they find themselves competing to wrestle (and kiss) Ethan.

Team Reign-Zane breaks up just as quickly as it had formed and Taylor asserts his dominance over Jesse as well.

Jesse settles comfortably into the Submissive Jobber role, allowing Taylor to dominate and control him, and Lip-Lock him at will.

You can tell that Jesse has a wrestling jobber streak in him — I mean, just look at that cute smile and those pink jobber-panties he wore to the ring, his pert ass just begging Taylor to own it.

A lot more punishment and passion happens in this match, but I was mostly excited by the 2-on-1 action at the beginning, so this is where I’ll end my review.

If you want to see all the action, including plenty more Lip-Locks applied by all three guys, be sure to download the entire match — it’s worth every penny.



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  1. Phil says:

    Jesse Zane is so hot. The pink panties make him sizzle.