Miz and Mister

The Miz has been working a Bromance Break-up gimmick with his boss’s son — Shane McMahon.  They were Tag Team partners for a while and even won the belts (that tends to happen when the owner of the company’s son is on your team.)

But like any wrestling Bromance, it could not last (because that would be too gay for most viewers to handle) and Shane attacked the beefy-chested Miz at the Fastlane event back in March.  This began a series of tit-for-tat revenge games, which are so common when a couple breaks up, including some hot shenanigans when the Miz wrestled Bobby Lashley on the 4/29/19 episode of Raw.

The Miz was holding his own against big mean Lashley, until his ex-partner came to ringside to taunt him and flirt with him.  The Miz is suddenly more interested in his dapper, peacocking former best buddy than the massive, well-oiled Muscle Beast in the ring with him.

The distraction enables Lashley to Spear and defeat the Miz.  Once again, Shane has gotten the better of his former best buddy and their relationship gains heat.

After the match, Shane pounces on the exhausted Miz, kicking him in the ribs to punish him.  The Miz plays Punching Bag and I love him for that.

If Shane weren’t the son of the Boss, would Miz just kneel there allowing this Suit to utterly degrade and emasculate him like this?

When Miz tries to fight back, Lashley steps in to deliver a devastating Choke Slam.  This is meant to re-assert the dominance of this big mook over the vulnerable Miz and to keep the boss’s kid firmly in control.

The power that Shane wields over the Miz is depicted in Lashley’s assault, the henchman being more than willing to help his boss succeed.  Clearly Shane could ruin Lashley’s career with a word to his daddy, so Lashley helps Shane subdue and control the object of his desire.

The scene transitions from violent to sexy after Shane peels off his suit jacket and gets down on the mat to apply a Scissor.  This was a bold choice: a very homo-erotic hold that hints at the gay sub-text between these men, their recent relationship as partners (during which Shane perhaps often had the Miz between his legs.)

This was the hottest scene from the entire episode — it made me want to spend a long weekend in a hotel room with Shane and his strong legs (he could bring along some of his wrestlers to play with too).  The WWE realized how boner-inspiring and ratings-boosting this brief domination scene was, so they posted a 3-minute video clip of Shane grinding away on Miz on their YouTube channel.

By the way, this is not the first time Shane has dominated the Miz in this super-gay-looking Triangle Choke hold…

At the Fastlane event when Shane first turned on the Miz (and ripped off his shirt to really queer up the scene), he locked on the Triangle Choke out on the floor.  He knocked the Miz out cold with those legs, proving that Shane and his sexy hold are to be feared and respected.

Anyway, back to the current depiction of the Miz’s utter helplessness against Shane and his killer Scissor.

We get the impression that Shane, as Vince’s son, can have any wrestler he wants.  Shane could order wrestlers, his daddy’s employees, to job for him any day of the week.

We get the sense that, if Shane did have a wrestling fetish, he could indulge it all day and night long.  He could order wrestlers to report to his hotel room, strip down to their trunks, lie down on his bed, and allow him to Scissor them into the wee hours of the morning.

As a horny pro wrestling watcher who grew up craving a wrestle-slave who would job for me whenever I felt the urge, I must say I envy young Shane and his position of privilege — his access to so many hunky wrestlers who are at his beck and call.  Am I the only viewer picking up on the sexually suggestive vibe of this Headscissor. or fantasizing about the power dynamics and potential for abuse implied by it?

Eventually the boss is satisfied and unclamps his submissive wrestle-slave.

But he’s not finished dominating the Miz (and turning us on in the process.)  He grabs the Miz by the hair and does that thing where he talks right in his face…

Shane tells the Miz that he better do what he’s told, or else he’s fired.  He informs Miz that his punishment is not over yet, but will continue later that night.  Well, he doesn’t exactly say that in words, but their body language screams it loud and clear.


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7 Responses to Miz and Mister

  1. Mikey Aarons says:

    I remember when this bromance first turned sour and Shane slapped that triangle on The Miz for the first time…
    The wrestling fan in me: “Damnit Shane! How could you!”
    The wrestling kinkster in me: “HELL YEAH SHANE! KNOCK HIM OUT!”


  2. Phil says:

    The head scissor is such an erotic hold. This hot sequence reminds me of the sequence with Jack Brisco and Brad Armstrong. These galleries just get better and better. So HOT.

  3. miloofcroton says:

    I’m not used to watching the Miz playing face, but it’s kind of hot. That triangle choke GIF makes me pop a boner.

  4. DREW RUSSELL says:

    A very hot post about a very hot moment.

  5. Aaron A says:

    This is awesome man. You should keep posting about how this goes – this week the Miz attacked Shane outside his limo just to have mule kicks delivered and then a defeating and emasculating kick to the nuts that totally immobilised the Miz

  6. admin says:

    Yes I saw the Miz get his balls ruined this week. I believe Miz and Shane will be fighting in a cage next weekend. If Miz gets destroyed (again) and locked in that Killer Triangle for a few minutes, I will definitely write it up. Go Shane!

  7. destoy alpha males says:

    I reall hate Miz`s balls, let`s hope his mantool will be dooomed