New Toy

No Rules Wrestling recently introduced a new athlete named Rey Benitez, the long-haired, bearded stud shown here wearing the red cock-pouch.  I like the cut of his jib, so much so that I ordered all three of his introductory matches against veteran Dave Calabrese.

In their first encounter — video #703 for NRW — Dave portrays a dickhead Heel in his black trunks, utterly trouncing Rey the Rookie while boasting and big-talking all the while.

Benitez brings a fresh look to the wrestle-porn space — an injection of Latino Heat to spice up the usual parade of muscular white pretty-boys.  His unruly mop of hair speaks of rowdiness and rough sex.  I dig his manly beard, I dig his lean physique, and I really dig all his pathetic rag-dolling and suffering.

In this rookie beat-down, entitled “Broken In”, Calbrese has his way with the hunky new boy-toy.  We get the sense that Calbrese is having a blast playing with his new toy.  Maybe he is being rewarded for doing something great by getting to utterly molest and dominate this submissive hottie.

I don’t often order videos from NRW — their style isn’t always my cup of tea.  There is a lot of punching and kicking whereas I prefer wrasslin’.   Dave Calbrese however delivers at least some of the Classic Pro Style moves that I get off on, including these sadistic Elbow Smashes.

For the second encounter between Calbrese and Benitez — NRW video #704 — the tables are turned.  My new crush Benitez (still in his dick-revealing red bikini) gets to portray the Macho Man this time while Calbrese takes a turn as the helpless play-thing.  That’s nice of NRW to show us both sides of their new talent:  jobber bitch and dominant Bad Boy.

The video is titled simply “Benitez Breaks Calbrese” which pretty much sums it up.

Remember that cruel Elbow Drop to the gut by Calbrese in their first bout?  (See above).  Well Benitez takes his sweet revenge in the re-match with some Gut-Busting Elbows of his own.  It’s as if he learned how to hurt guys from Calbrese himself  and is now using that skill back on his trainer, which is always a hot scenario to fantasize about.

I’m enjoying Benitez as the hard-ass Heel, I think I like him in this role rather than the helpless jobber.  He looks tough and brutal with that dark beard and that big bulge, like Razor Ramon.  If he continues his career in wrestle-porn beyond these first 3 matches, I hope he adopts a real Fuck-You attitude.  I hope he starts biting white pretty-boys on their faces.

I haven’t mentioned Calbrese much yet in this article because I’ve been a bit obsessed with the new guy.  But yeah — as usual, Calbrese is fantastic, selling his agony and putting his opponent over as a dangerous killer whose wrestling moves are always super effective.

In the first match, I described Benitez as a toy for Calbrese to play with.  But in a sense, by playing the helpless wimp, by willingly putting himself in the submissive role, Calbrese continues to play around with Benitez and enjoy himself.  It’s like when you let a puppy bite your hand — it’s kind of cute and it kind of tickles, but you know you can push the little dog away whenever you get tired of playing around.

This victory posing by Benitez is pretty spectacular as he offers us a good look at that mouth-watering bod, his lips parted to reveal his pearly white teeth, his bedroom eyes implying he is now DTF.

Where did he learn to pose and peacock like that, looking all tough and sexy?  Maybe he watches a lot of pro wrestling where they always look hot and hunky after they win a match.

For their third match — NRW #705 entitled “Remember My Name” — they performed a Back-and-Forth battle in trunks and boots — more of a classic pro wrestling romp for fans of the mainstream product like me.  I can recall Heels using forehead/facial claws like this on TV wrestling when I was a youngster and it always got me all excited.


This throw by Benitez impressed me.  I think this rookie has got some Game — he knows how to fight.

He then follows up with another cruel Elbow Buster to the gut (I’ll bet Calbrese regrets ever showing this kid that move.)

I was happy with all three of these videos and pleased to see NRW embracing more of the classic pro wrestling style (while also bringing in some Fresh Meat for us to stare at and drool over.)

Great work — if they keep this up, I may be blogging about NRW much more often in the coming weeks.




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5 Responses to New Toy

  1. mj says:

    dave calabrese has got my vote as the hottie in this post.

  2. miloofcroton says:

    I love Dave Calabrese. He can do real, intense wrestling like Movimus matches, and when it comes to performing, he sells a lot better than many of those underground-wrestling muscle bags.

  3. Dr.Fever says:

    MJ, I agree Calabrese is hot as ever here.

  4. Phil says:

    I agree. I love Dave Calabrese. Incredibly hot.

  5. J says:


    Been a fan of the blog for a long time but haven’t checked in for a while, then I noticed that my Tumblr got a specific shout out in one of your posts! It’s over @ jobberplay. I guess it was kind of exciting seeing that on your blog because it’s what first got me into wrestling and it’s the reason I started my Tumblr!

    Shame about the crackdown on Tumblr now… maybe I should start my own blog haha. Feel free to shoot me a message on Tumblr 🙂

    – J