Masked Rasslin, Now Available On Demand

I haven’t been blogging much about BG East, one of the oldest and greatest producers of Underground wrestle-porn in the world, for two main reasons:

(1). I was scolded by them years ago for posting too much of their content on my old Wrestling Arsenal website (which, they reasoned, would enable some of you cheapskates to get the milk for free and avoid buying the cow); and

(2).  Their matches could not be downloaded or streamed unless you paid for the monthly subscription.  You could order DVDs, but purchasing (and waiting for) DVDs to ship was kind of a hassle and kind of out-dated when other sites let you download instantly.

Well I recently discovered that many BG East matches are now available for streaming on their website, even by non-subscribers.  For about $15, you get 24 hours to enjoy the match — and enjoy it I did, thank you very much.  Maybe you’ve already known for months or years that Video on Demand has been available at BG East without a subscription, but this is the first I learned of it.  I either didn’t notice or didn’t pay attention to this affordable option until now.

So I went ahead and streamed a match from their latest catalog: Masked Mayhem #15 (whoa, there have been 15 Masked Mayhems already?!  I really have been gone too long…)

This masked stud, Golden Glutes, is in the ring awaiting his opponent.

The lights go out, we hear some scuffling, and once the power is restored, the dreaded Assassin is in the ring in red zipper briefs, basically assassinating our golden-clad Hero.

This is an old gimmick that was popular 10+ years ago in mainstream wrestling, to cut off the arena lights at a pivotal moment (did the Heel bribe the lighting guy to do that for him or what??) only to find some mysterious villain suddenly in the ring and dominating the Good Guy who couldn’t see in the dark.  So I appreciated BG East including this classic scenario in the match, even though I didn’t get to stare at Golden Glute’s body for like 10 seconds while the lights were off!

The match is fairly one-sided with the Assassin firmly in control most of the time, as he should be.  The hero does enact a few little pay-backs, even trying to rip off the Assassin’s mask at one point — another old school trope that gets me horny.

The Assassin slapped on this beautiful Sleeperhold fairly early in the match, but it does not mean he is finished working over and humiliating the Golden One after putting him out.

As I mentioned, I haven’t watched a BG East match in a while, so I’m not sure if these amazing close-up camera shots are just happenstance or are BG’s new standard procedure for filming matches.  The wrestling in this match happens mostly at the edge of the ring closest to the camera, so we get up close and personal with the fighters many times.

I confess, I really got off on this high level of access to the bodies and gear — this over-abundance of visual stimulation.  Nothing is more frustrating than watching hot dudes in action in the ring, but the camera is placed like two miles away and you can’t even see what’s really going on.

In this match (and hopefully all of BG’s matches), the problem is solved by placing the camera like a foot away from their bodies, giving us wide-open visual access to the action and a spectacular ringside seat.

For an older wrestling fan like me, this walk down memory lane with the 1970’s style masks, tall pro boots, and revealing trunks was much appreciated.  And now readily available with a click of the mouse!

All the classic wrestling imagery and references — the mask pulling, the pro boots, the Sleeper and other traditional holds — really tripped my trigger.

The one-sided humiliation would continue with the Assassin later ripping off Goldenglute’s golden briefs, and then unmasking him.  It’s all very exciting — I recommend it.

However, I had better stop posting images now before I am chastised for revealing too much.  I don’t want to risk being banned from future Video-on-Demand transactions because, so far, I am loving what I see!


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4 Responses to Masked Rasslin, Now Available On Demand

  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVE THE MASKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the WRESTLERS….MMMM

  2. Mark says:

    I wonder whether any masked wrestlers, if defeated, would prefer being unmasked
    or, having their trunks pulled off by the victorious opponent …
    Would be a good scenario for a bout: Loser unmasked or stripped !

  3. miloofcroton says:

    What a nice nelson scissor. There is no way to escape!

  4. Peter Lauk says:

    BG. Overpriced and poorly choreographed.