Just Toying With Him

I first blogged about cute Cameron Cole back in June 2016 when he played Face-in-Peril to a brutal Tag Team while his partner, Bartek, watched him suffer from outside the ring.

Well Cameron is still active in the Reality of Wrestling federation, recently facing a rough, tough Samoan in singles action while looking like a 1980’s jobber in his headband and light blue trunks.

Before the bell rings, the “Samoan Werewolf” Fatu — son of the Tonga Kid — attacks poor Cameron and tosses his cute ass right out of the ring.

But Cameron knows exactly what to do in this situation — stripping off his jeans jacket and offering us a better look at his bod and his bulge.  Oh it is gonna be a treat to watch him suffer for us!

By the way, Booker T found some great talent to serve as the talking heads on his Reality of Wrestling broadcasts.  Matt Tolopski is the beefier bearded hunk in the dark suit, and Brad Gilmore is the young pretty-boy in gray.

And their golden-tongued commentary is very enticing —  especially Gilmore, who gets off on describing in graphic detail the Baby-Face’s agony and humiliation.

For example, when Fatu begins to bite Cameron’s hand, Gilmore exclaims, “He’s BITING him, Matt Topolski!  He’s gnawing on the hand!

And as Fatu next begins to bite Cole’s forehead, Topolski replies: “And now he’s having some head as well…”    Like I always say, the right commentators can really sex up a match.

Here are a few more comments by Gilmore that serve to highlight Cole’s degrading punishment:

Oh man, I think Cameron Cole may be knocked out! I think he’s done.”

Fatu just TOYING with Cameron Cole right now!”


Fatu doesn’t just want to beat Cameron Cole — he wants to rearrange his vertebrae.”

Cameron Cole doesn’t know where he is right now. And every time he gets a sense of it, he gets knocked right back down.

Fatu can just put him away at any moment.”

And before I forget, let me mention th0se eye-catching trunks on Mr. Cole — very nice gear choice that accentuates his best features.

And seeing the “CC” logo peeling off the back of the trunks adds to the feeling that he is really getting torn up by Fatu.

Fatu doesn’t consider this a wrestling match! He likes to DESTROY people!”  Oh Brad Gilmore, you silver-tongued little cock-tease — keep talking dirty to me.

Later Fatu locks Cole in the glorious Tree of Woe, upside down in the corner.  Cole’s body and his bulging trunks are on display, hung up like wet laundry, and I just about die.

The match was perhaps not as one-sided as I’ve made it seem.  Cameron actually performed a long Hope Spot beginning at 6:50 into the match and continuing until 9:20.

One of his offensive moves was this picture-perfect Frog Splash off the top rope.  Beautiful!  But Fatu kicks out, so Gilmore describes Cole’s failure, in his gravelly growling voice, as follows:

Cameron Cole gave the werewolf his best shot, but it wasn’t good enough!

The real purpose of this match is to put Fatu over as an unbeatable Samoan wrestling machine.

Being from the Anoa’i wrestling family means that Fatu was born with innate talent and can easily destroy any cute American pretty-boy like this Cameron Cole fella in his baby-blue briefs.  Cole never stood a chance.


After the match, poor Cameron is recovering in the corner when suddenly, the big-assed Samoan hip-checks him to bash his skull against the middle turnbuckle.

I guess they want Fatu to be a Heel now.  How humiliating for poor Cameron!

This brutal bare-fool Super-Kick followed by a big Splash actually happened during the match, but I’m going to fantasize that this was more after-match abuse.  I love me some after-match abuse.

Then Cameron’s partner, Bartek, foolishly comes to his rescue.  So Fatu ruins him with a Samoan Drop as well.

How totally humiliating, for both members of their team to be manhandled and over-powered by one lone opponent!

And Matt Topolski loses his shit:  “YOU’VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!  FATU JUST THREW KENDRICK BARTEK INTO THE AIR LIKE HE WAS A RAGDOLL!”  Like I said, their intent was to put Fatu over, even if it left Cole and Bartek looking like a pair of helpless, vulnerable jobbers.


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