Power Play, part 5 of ?

For the fifth episode in his Jimmy Powers video series, the Inner Jobber blogger tossed Jimmy in the ring against the Barbarian.

The story of the match is a classic tale of the Muscle Man vs. Even Bigger Muscle Man — the regular Boy-Next-Door (named “Jimmy” for fucks sake) vs. a big swole Monster with no real name — really more of a description of his strength and brutality more than a name.

Jimmy also faced the Barbarian again (and got his red-clad ass kicked again) in Inner Jobber’s 20th video in the series.

In both match-ups against the Barbarian, Jimmy is made to look foolish by attempting to apply lame Armbars on the big bad  beast, who under-sells them.

Jimmy is just poking the bear with this wimpy hold — pissing the Barbarian off just enough to make him go barbaric!  What a fool!

One motif that we see repeated in Jimmy’s matches against the loin-clothed Barbarian is face-to-crotch positioning to portray dominance.

Here Jimmy takes a ride on the Barbarian’s shoulders while making the big man see red.  The Barbarian seems to have a taste for Jimmy’s spandexed groin.

But alas, Jimmy’s early shine cannot last against the larger and more ferocious Barbarian who begins to dominate and own him.

In spite of his muscular build, Jimmy knows when he has met his match and quickly adopts a submissive and non-aggressive compliance.  How I loved this era of pro wrestling when all the jobbers were thick-bodied, long-haired, and cute in the face!

The match takes a sadistic (and homo-erotic) turn when the Barbarian starts to bite Jimmy’s cute face.  This presents the Heel as a crazy, vicious beast, willing to maul someone’s face like a pet chimpanzee that’s gone on a rampage.  It’s also pretty intimate to put your mouth on a dude’s flesh, amiright?

For the 16th video in the Inner Jobber series, Jimmy had to wrestle the Barbarian’s sometimes partner, the Warlord.  The theme of the match is quite the same: the Handsome Kid With an Infantile Name beaten down by the Larger Muscle-Monster Who Goes By a Nickname.

So I’m mixing in scenes from the Warlord match here as well, as if the Powers of Pain are in tag team action, taking turns working over our beloved Face-in-Peril.

We observe Slick at ringside observing his Warlord execute a perfect Body-Slam, his male gaze focused on the minimally-dressed wrestlers in action.  I suppose the scene implies that Slick has a hard-on in his slacks — so it’s acceptable for us also to watch nearly-naked muscle guys wrestling and to enjoy it.

Speaking of Body-Slams, this one by the Barbarian is a doozy.

He’s gripping all sorts of taint and ass as he sweeps Jimmy off his feet, drawing our attention to those snug red trunks even more, as if we weren’t already staring at them every single second.

To further depict the power imbalance, Jimmy attempts a Sunset Flip against his stronger opponents in every one of these matches.  The big Heel then invariably refuses to be taken down by this jobber, and the end result is Jimmy’s face buried in Heel crotch for several humiliating seconds.

The Warlord uses his patented Full Nelson to drain Jimmy of all remaining strength, tossing him down to the mat like he is nothing more than an item of clothing being carelessly disrobed and discarded.

Jimmy is yet again shown to be a loser, a pathetic stumbling Beta Male with a dick that must be about the size of a peanut.

And by the way, the hyper-masculine Barbarian of course defeated and degraded Jimmy Powers as well — sitting on him in both of their matches on Inner Jobber.

How can poor Jimmy show his face among his friends and family after these emasculating defeats??




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3 Responses to Power Play, part 5 of ?

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    Two muscle daddies teach a muscle pup how to be a good jobber. I like it.

  2. Dino says:

    Warlord had a great chest. The pecs made good targets, too bad Powers didn’t take advantage of them.

  3. Phil says:

    Another great Powers gallery. He was an awesome jobber. I can watch him for hours on end and never get tired of it. LOL.