Confession #11: Footwear Fetish

Just when we thought we were finished hearing Confessions of Wrestling Obsession, I received another really great one, with links to videos illustrating this dude’s gear fetish.

Here is a teaser he posted after the 5th confession we heard back in November:

Obsession is big wrestling boots with socks coming over the boot tops.  Hope to get an obsession note going with others that have same interest. Obsession includes boots, big socks, ring wear including tights. I’m on it, hope others are too.

This brief confession was not really long enough  for a full article — we want more dirty details — so I asked my reader to tell us more.   After a few months, he really delivered.

He recently followed up with a longer e-mail confession including links to example videos featuring his favorite styles of wrestling boots and socks, see below:

From the time I was a youngster, I was a wrestling gear whore.  Especially where boots & socks were concerned; wrestling gear too.

The obsession showed up as a kid attending pro matches with family where I found myself more drawn to the combatants’ gear, in particular the foot wear.   The obsession morphed into where I gear up myself now as a wrestler for solo fantasy wrestling action…

“My boots are big work boots, rubber boots, and combat boots. My bouts /action comes while watching wrestling on Internet sites.

Sliding my feet into big work boots, fixing the tongue so it’s right, and then slowly working the laces through the eyelets…



…pulling them tight each time, making sure the laces remained the same length and the way the boots caress my feet, my ankles, my calves. 

By the time I tie the laces into bows, my dick can be completely hard…”

I like to add super thick, high, wool boot-socks.   In my bouts, the socks are always pulled up high over the boot.

The best wrestlers always wear big boots with over-sized wool socks.  Always wool.  Soft, absorbent and giving…

“…This well-heeled, booted jobber now hosts a mix of combatants in colorful trunks, tights, sweaters, hoodies, etc.  Bare feet are not allowed, nor those boots that have covers over trainers.  I like tongues and laces, remember.

“Here’s stuff to use with the my obsession series:  

One great site has been where I have a list of favs… including this great match with two guys in great gear.  Two gents working each other over nice and slow in beautiful boots.  You can tell they have thick socks on, well, my imagination always sees it that way!  And Mike’s have a classic roll down look…

I appreciate tag teams too with heroes in great gear.  The best guy in this match for example is the bud in the big red boots, naturally. 

There is great back and forth action with a nice first pin on red boots!  The match ends in sex but they don’t have their boots on unfortunately…


BUT hold onto your trunks for the guy in the big BG boots with the massive socks in another favorite.  The third match in, at the 36 minute mark, Steve Godard. 

Lots of trash talking (which adds to the excitement /makes the matches even better).  Dude gets and he gives – the Spaniard is a tough cookie, even without “over the boot socks.

Here are some more examples I looked at to illustrate the obsession – wrestlers working the ring in big boots and socks… usually have great gear and so often have matches with other guys in similar boots.  Coincidence?

The moves in this match from Spotland Scrappers are athletic and show off the wares nicely, and aren’t the big boots something to be obsessed about?  In all these videos!!!   

I love the yellow gear and high boots.  Both dudes are packed.


Here is another long favorite.  Poor guy in red gear is outclassed, but is great in gear and loves the camera.

This has to be the all time great.  Not only boots and sox up high and checked to keep them that way (is he also obsessed with the look?), but even the way the tongue on the big shiny boots is pulled way up.  So well dressed!

Nice confession!  Father needs a cigarette.  Thanks loyal reader for sharing the intimate details of your boot fetish (and all those great links!)   I get into looking at wrestling boots too  — the shiny lace-up kind — so I understand the obsession.

I’m still willing to hear more confessions by the way — keep them coming, you perverted and debauched rasslin’ sinners, so I can absolve thee.




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5 Responses to Confession #11: Footwear Fetish

  1. Tom Smith says:

    Thank you for this article. I am SO GLAD there are others that enjoy my attraction, which I also developed in my youth. While I don’t collect or wear boots, having them on me is a huge fantasy that I have lived out 2 or 3 times in my life.

  2. W.R. says:

    My favorite pics are #3 and #8, which were worn by Eddie Ryan. I’ve always loved white boots (but not two-toned). I think it’s because they remind me of the babyfaces I used to watch as a kid. I have plenty of shots with boots on my blog.

  3. Rob says:

    WR- could you indicate how to reach your blog to check out the boots pics? Thanks.

  4. admin says:

    WR’s excellent blog is at It is in my “Blogroll” list over in the right margin.