Front Row Seats

I don’t usually feature videos that were filmed by someone sitting at ringside for a show.  Usually the footage is too blurry and shaky, and you can hardly make out what is happening in the ring.

However,  I’m making an exception for this video recently, posted to YouTube, that was filmed by someone in the front row at an LDN wrestling show in England.  The wrestlers in LDN are so young and hot, and the filming was  so steady and clear, that I really found myself enjoying the show.  It felt as if I was really there in the front row with my eyes popping out of my head.

In the opening bout, Diamond Dave in his baby blue and yellow jobber trunks, takes a nice, stiff Baby-Face beating from a crazy man known as “The Inmate” Damien Black.

Apparently the Inmate is released from his padded cell each night to go beat up on a jobber.  Maybe it’s part of his therapy.  It’s a hot gimmick, as if Diamond Dave has been locked in the cell with the psychotic and sadistic crazy man.

The fully-clothed psychopath gets rough with our boy next door, ruining his balls on the top turnbuckle, then snapping his neck with an RKO off the top ropes.

Why oh why was this killer released from the institution?!?  Cute shirtless men everywhere are vulnerable to his Hannibal Lector style cruelty!

Once he grew bored of torturing his prey, the serial killer rolled up his victim, pulling the waistband of his trunks to cheat (or perhaps to imply that he’s going to do more than just wrestle this hunky piece of meat.)  Knowing he’s being filmed, the Inmate flirts with the camera.

Next up, this specimen of young beefcake struts through the curtain.

When you’re at a live wrestling show and someone like Joey Scott enters in his tight spandex, you swallow hard and hope nobody can hear your heart thumping.  He will be portraying the Heel in spite of his cute white boots.

A long-haired American lad named Ace Perry bounds to the ring full of energy to portray the exciting rookie Baby-Face.

He is just as pretty as you please with his lean physique and gorgeous flowing locks, but my eyes are pretty much already glued to Joey Scott’s lavender spandex.

Perhaps aware that a camera is here, Scott falls out of the ring right at our feet.  He gets up slowly, positioning his tight trunks for a close-up.

This scene has me wanting to attend a local Indy wrestling show myself, and to sit in the front row, and to bring a video camera.

Joey Scott wrestles the whole match in his black mesh t-shirt and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Usually I prefer the more skin the better, but there is something sexy about his see-through shirt.  That pesky shirt causes us to focus even more on his tight trunks, which he again presents to the camera after falling out of the ring.

Actually Ace Perry was the better wrestler, kicking the Heel’s ass for much of the match.  But in the end, Joey Scott’s rough-housing defeats the flamboyant aerobics instructor and the Bad Guy again comes out on top.

The boys must have discussed the ringside camera backstage, because in match after match, they present their bodies for close-up inspection.  Now do you see why people like to attend pro wrestling shows in person?





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One Response to Front Row Seats

  1. Mark says:

    I remember attending a wrestling show back in 2007.
    Had obtained a front row seat and, one wrestler in particular after
    emerging from the locker room paraded around outside the ring.
    I could smell the strong aroma of BO – he got that close and, he
    wore skin tight red speedo’s. One could clearly make out the
    outline of his bulge. His shaft (pointing upwards) was clearly
    visible through the thin, lycra material.
    I noticed one middle aged lady’s gaze was firmly fixed upon his
    impressive prowess…he certainly caused a stir in the audience !