Hold vs. Hold

One of the YouTube channels I follow — KAZUSHI SAKURABA — posts super rare old matches from the early 1980s, and somehow the video quality is superb like it was filmed last week.

Recently he posted a slow-paced, erotic dance from 1981 featuring one of my favs — Terry Allen in skimpy aqua trunks.

Allen opens up with a series of about four grinding Headlocks on his opponent Kelly Kiniski, rubbing the big dude’s face against his hairy chest to sand-paper him.  We get to check out Allen’s big biceps and impressive upper body strength, let alone his big heavy dong in those revealing little trunks.

The Headlock is being presented as a force to reckon with.  Each time Kiniski manages to break free, Allen slaps it right back on and grrrrrips his neck tightly.  Kiniski grows more frustrated each time, like: What can I do against his fucking killer Big Bicep Headlock?


Desperate to escape, Kiniski resorts to dirty tactics, yanking on those stretchy bikini briefs to invert the Master of the Side Headlock.

I’m sure happy that they positioned the camera on the South side of the ring so we get this nice eyeful of Allen’s ass and taint!

Back on their feet, Allen slaps on his fourth Headlock in a row and really works the hold, grinding that forearm right up under Kiniski’s cheekbone.  Allen uses his entire (powerful) body to wrench on the pressure, and his methodical rhythm is beginning to look more like passionate love-making than wrestling.

The tide turns at last when Kiniski clamps his legs around Allen’s neck and crushes him in a beautiful red-trunked Headscissor.

Allen kicks his legs and bridges up, showing the lucky dogs on the East side of the ring what I’m sure is an eye-catching landscape.

The psychology behind the match is the defeat of Allen’s Headlock — so effective earlier in the bout — by Kiniski’s deadly Scissor.

When Allen goes back to his favorite hold, Kiniski just simply opens up his legs and grips the curly-haired bitch again between those big, white, smothering legs.  Allen has been disarmed, his Headlock rendered useless.  That’s hot.


Allen uses this opportunity to serve up eye-candy to each side of the ring in turn, spreading his legs, bridging and crouching,

Like a well-trained jobber, he never adjusts the too-tight fabric that his opponent yanked up his crack earlier during the Headlock series.

Allen attempts a seventh Headlcok.  The fool must not realize that Kiniski has now solved this puzzle, once again easily engulfing the one-trick pony with those tree-trunk hammies.

The repetition of these Scissors, a fav hold of mine, is like a triple dose of Viagra to me.

In my younger days, it just always seemed undignified and raunchy for grown men to get down on the floor together and rough-house.  The inappropriate naughtiness, the taboo nature of adults behaving like this (touching like this, being nearly naked and laying down like this) made the sport of pro wrestling feel salacious and dirty, at least back in 1981 when scenes like this were burned into my spank bank for life.

Meanwhile, the North side of the ring gets their turn at viewing the aqua-blue trunks in full bridge position as Allen writhes around, desperately working to break free of Kiniski’s smothering legs.

By the way, some of you are probably thinking this is the most boring match ever.  All we’ve seen so far is two basic holds — Headlock and Headscissor.  Where is the flipping and flying?  Why aren’t they running around kicking each other?

Actually, the psychology of this human chess match, Headlock vs. Headscissor, the dominance of Kiniski’s relentless legs over Allen’s neck, is far more exciting to me than if they performed a dozen Hurricane-Ranas.  Allen isn’t even trying to apply his ineffective Headlock any longer as Kiniski puts his junk in Allen’s face.  Allen is subdued and beaten.

The fans on the West side of the ring finally get their serving of eye candy as Allen attempts to somersault out of Kiniski’s crushing grip.

Allen must know the camera is positioned on the South side of the ring as he collapses, exhausted and weakened by the repeated Scissors, his dick on display to boost the television ratings.

This match was an absolute visual and psychological treat, even if it wasn’t the most creative display of unusual or flashy moves.  I’m definitely keeping it in my YouTube playlist.









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3 Responses to Hold vs. Hold

  1. Mark says:

    Totally agree with the details written about this match.
    Slow, deliberate holds emphasising strength and endurance as opposed to
    high flying, spectacular bouts are far more pleasurable on the eye.
    This match was reminiscent of a lot of the UK bouts in the 70’s with the camera zooming in on the combatants with, at times, clear views of the trunk bulges and inner thighs.
    The last but one photo shows Allen, I believe, developing an erection inside those
    aqua trunks.

  2. Rob Millican says:

    Beautiful forceful holds – & – great ring wear on both men.
    Scissors are my favourite and the boys both sport high boots with socks.

    Never quite understood where an erection comes from when you’re beaten up like Allen. Anybody else?

  3. Dino says:

    Allen got hard in almost every match I watched as a young guy figuring out that wrestling got me hard just watching it. Allen also had the best nips in the business and his hairy pits were hot as well. Let’s not forgot that he probably had the best hairy chest in all of wrestling, at least to me he did.