Try Try Again

Back in May, I blogged about young Flip Gordon being disciplined by daddy Silas Young.  The bout ended with poor Flip crying in humiliation after Silas pinned him down.

Well that match was so popular and appealing that the promoters decided to put Flip in the ring with Silas again on the 8/24/18 episode of Ring of Honor.  That’s great == they can let Silas beat up Flip every week and I’d never get bored of it.

Silas takes control early, playing up his Hyper-Masculine aggression and heartless cruelty.  Check him out stomping all over Flip’s shirtless body in those sweet wingtip boots!

The classic boots position Silas Young as an old-timer, a classic Bad-Ass Heel from back in the day.  That’s a good look for him.

Flip sells the fuck out of this Posting in the corner, writhing around on the mat and arching his back in beautiful agony.

We are treated to some great suffering by Flip.  He sells his back pain for several minutes after this rough mistreatment, really making me love him as a Baby-Face.

This is kind of funny — during the commercial break, they play an advertisement for a back brace.  An animation of a fit, muscular naked male is seen standing erect and placing his hand on his lower back, much like Flip was doing in the ring.

Those red hot circles cause us to ponder the shooting pains that poor Flip is experiencing thanks to Silas Young’s relentless abuse.  OK, lets get back to the rasslin’ before I lose my hard-on…

The prolonged torture scene continues as the “Last Real Man” wipes out young Flip with his trademark Killer Combo.

I recall he did the same exact thing to Dalton Castle back when they feuded and Silas repeatedly dominated the sexually ambiguous Good Guy.

I always enjoy it when the suffering Baby-Face crawls up the domineering Heel’s body, with the Heel just standing there letting the pathetic wimp grab on wherever he wishes.

This is a display of Real Man-ness, to just allow another man to grab you wherever, not trying to stop him or push his hand off your body because you know you can wipe him out when you’re good and ready.

Flip is able to roll up Silas and win the match!  The story of the match is that our Flip is growing up — gaining strength and talent, able to now defeat the Real Man who punished him and made him cry earlier this year.

This big brute, Bully Ray, has a hard-on for Flip Gordon, constantly attacking him and beating him up.  It’s like when a boy has his first crush, but can’t handle the strong feelings, so he teases the object of his attraction.

And this same emotion may be at the root of why so many men enjoy seeing the attractive Baby-Faces suffer in pro wrestling.  They feel a sexual attraction toward the stud, his fit body on display in his skimpy trunks, but they can’t process the gay panic they’re experiencing.  So, much like the naughty boy who pulls the cute little girl’s pigtails, they want to see Flip destroyed, curled up in the fetal position, and gripping his ruined balls in non-threatening agony.






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2 Responses to Try Try Again

  1. battle-porn says:

    As a fan of ball-busting action, I approve this match. Gordon’s family jewels have been the targets of Bully Ray’s merciless forearm for weeks, but this move never gets old.

  2. the koalas says:

    Another treasure that you make me discover thank you!