Playing Bridge

One of the great wrestling blogs I follow — Body Slam Fan — focuses his articles on his one favorite wrestling move.  You guessed it: the Body Slam!

Recently, the blogger posted an article describing a video available from Spotland Scrappers called “Building Bridges.”  On his article’s recommendation, I purchased this video (for like $7 — very affordable!) and I’m glad I did. It’s hot, at least to me.

The match features Sam Smiler, a veteran of Spotland Scrappers videos in the bulging yellow trunks and awesome boots.  His opponent is L.J. Silva in black trunks and boots.  They’re about the same size and shape, which is yet another of my pro wrestling turn-ons.

The match features frequent Body Slams, with each punctuated by the victim bridging his hips slowly and dramatically off the mat to sell the pain in his back.  If you love selling (and over-selling), it is beautiful.

Both guys bridge and bridge and bridge.  They fetishize it —  taking their time, really holding those arched backs, groaning, thrusting their hips up and cringing in pain each time.  If you enjoy when the Body-Slam victim bridges up off the mat, then this video is a must see.

Here is Silva performing the Back Bridge in his tight little black speedo.  Ohhhh!  That HURT!! 

I suppose some pro wrestling pervert who gets off on these post-slam Bridges paid for this custom tape.  Maybe he paid the wrestlers $5 for each bridge they built, in which case he spent a fortune!   They do it — over and over again — “Ohhhh my BACK!  That REALLY hurt me!”  I’m not sure how much the guy paid to have this video produced and acted out, but I’m guessing he feels he got his money’s worth.


I must admint, I too enjoy seeing a Body-Slam victim arching his hips up, thrusting his bulge in the air, groaning in pain as he gropes at his aching back.

So this video really worked for me.  In fact, I still haven’t made it all the way to the end, because they keep deliberately teasing and triggering me with all these super expressive, long held Bridges!  They know they’re driving me wild!

While setting up their slams, both wrestlers play a game of You Grope Me, I Grope You Back.  The slammer really reaches in deep to get a good grip on the victim’s crotch area before sweeping him off his feet.

Then the victim invariable reaches down between the slammer’s thighs, getting a tight grip up under his taint.  Did the guy who ordered this custom video ask for all this groping too, or was it just a bonus?


They perform some other great moves besides Body-slams.  There are several low blows (including Atomic Drops), lots of hair-pulling (which you know I love) and a really nice Headscissor by Smiler in his sexy black-and-yellow boots.  But mostly, it’s Body-Slam, Big Bridge, Body-Slam, Big Bridge, etc., etc.

Smiler and Silva take turns playing the Rag Doll  — it’s a nice back and forth.  Here is Smiler acting helpless in the corner of the ring, his arms draped over the ropes like wet laundry — another pro wrestling image that always triggers the pleasure center of my brain.  Good job, Sammy!


I just picture whoever ordered this custom video going crazy every time they build a bridge, pressing up their hips over and over to drive him crazy with excitement.  Just thinking about his arousal turns me on too as I watch them over-sell the fuck out of their back pain.

Then I picture the wrestlers planning it and laughing about it, knowing they’re driving their customer wild, but continuing to bust out Bridge after Bridge, just deliberately torturing their customer with arousal.  “Give me another big slam and I’ll really drive that wanker mad with my reaction!  Let’s see who can hold the bridge longer and give our horny customer his money’s worth!


To really fuck with their Bridge-loving customer (and me), they begin performing the Ouch Bridge after any move that happens to knock them down, including Clotheslines, Hip-tosses, and the old Monkey Flip.

It is total Fan Service for anyone who gets turned on by this arched pose — present company included.

This match is probably not for everyone.  I sure loved it, and so did the blogger Body-Slam Fan, and presumably so did the customer who paid them to film this Bridge-A-Thon.

But some of you may think Body Slams are boring, or maybe they’re over-selling too much, or there are just too many bridges.  It’s OK — to each his own.  So far it’s the best value for $7 that I’ve found in 2018.



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4 Responses to Playing Bridge

  1. Ro says:

    SScrappers are so good to watch. Believe you’ve noted before how it’s a good group of lads who really like to wrestle each other – and – boy, do we get it in the gear department , a bonus. You know I love the big boots – and yellow and black boots are adorned with cool high high socks up over the top. Does it for me.

  2. MH says:

    The link to buy is incorrect. Going via their web site it’s through the wayopay link.

  3. JR says:

    Thanks so much for the fantastic recommendation. I just bought this video because of your post and am really happy that I did. Of course their trunks and boots are great, and they both have physiques that are that yummy blend of fit with a little bit of extra meat.

    But the bridges really are the big attraction here. I love your point that the wrestlers probably laughed about how much they’d turn on their customer with their repeated bridges. It’s really hot thinking about these studs taking pleasure in putting themselves on display like this for a horny fan.

    I find that many of my favorite videos from online wrestling companies end up being other people’s custom videos. When there’s a particular move or theme that strikes my fancy, I really get off on seeing it done to excess. This video (and your article) helped me realize how much I fucking love bridges! Thanks again!

  4. admin says:

    MH is correct — the article was linked to a former download provider no longer used by Spotland Scrappers. The correct link, which I’ve corrected in my article, is Thanks MH for the heads up!